Episode 292

August 2, 2013



“The Republicans in Congress voted to repeal Obamacare for a 40th time today. It’s really now less a governing philosophy, and it’s more like Charlie Manson applying for parole.” – Bill Maher

“Forty times they have voted to repeal Obamacare. Which kind of raises the question: can you file a restraining order against 232 people?” – Bill Maher

Homeland Security

“This is one of those monstrosities that came out of 9/11. It has, I think, 240,000 regular employees. Janet Napolitano quit at the top. The top 15 jobs there are vacant, because no one wants to work there. It’s thankless, because some shit is going to happen, and it’s mostly luck whether you’re there or not when it happens. You can’t stop everything. No one wants the job. Why don’t we just get rid of it?” – Bill Maher

“I think that this is an organization that was formed in the wake of 9/11. We had to do something. So, what do we do? We create this big bureaucracy.” – Alexis Goldstein

“It can be substantially diminished. There’s still going to be an immigration service. There’s still going to be the Transportation and Security Administration. I think it should be substantially downgraded.” – Barney Frank

“Whenever you create a department like this, you don’t just create a bureaucracy; you create and internal lobby in the government for doing more things on this.” – Josh Barro

Bradley Manning

“Bradley Manning did expose war crimes. The war crimes were not punished. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve something. But, it seems to be an odd message that the whistleblower is worse than the actual crimes, that no one denies that these were actually crimes.” – Bill Maher

“I have a problem with Bradley Manning. If all he had done was the Iraq helicopter people being killed, I would be wholly supportive. But, he released a lot of the diplomatic cables.” – Barney Frank

“During the sentencing, everything that has been public so far, no one has said in the sentencing process that anyone was put in danger and put in harm’s way.” – Alexis Goldstein

On Art & Hip-Hop, Envisioning Success

“As far as hip-hop and arts, we were like cousins. If you think about those days when Fab Five Freddy was with Madonna and Basquiat and everything, we all went to those clubs. That’s when hip-hop was more underground. The arts and hip-hop really partied together. But, when art started becoming part of the gallery, it was this separation.” – Jay Z

“You sit in that chair, you want to be known as the great; you want to be known as the all-time greatest of all time. And that’s never going to happen if you don’t see yourself that way first.” – Jay Z

Stop and Frisk

“There’s no middle class, so the gap between the have and have nots is getting wider and wider. It’s going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve. Because, once you have that sort of oppression, and that gap is widened, it’s inevitable that something’s going to happen.” – Jay Z

“Stop-and-frisk is an abuse of people’s rights. But, the African Americans I talk to, including those in Congress, don’t want fewer police. They want better policing. But, they want more policing.” – Barney Frank

“They stop more young, black men than there are young black men in New York last year. I don’t see them stopping and frisking Wall Street bankers. They have tons of cocaine on them!” – Alexis Goldstein

On His Near-Death Injury

“I did something I’ve never done before. I tripped, fell back into the outside of the building. And, this time, instead of saying, 'Oh, that was stupid' and just going home, I cracked my head open like a walnut. And, two minutes later, I was in an ambulance going to UCLA.” – Larry Miller

“From that time on, once you come out of a coma, the insurance companies start to call, and they say, 'Hey, good news! We heard he’s fine now.' – Larry Miller

Rand Paul vs Chris Christie

“I don’t think that you honor the widows and orphans of 9/11 by increasing surveillance on Americans. I think you honor them by giving medical care to first-responders or public healthcare or social services.” – Alexis Goldstein

“I think the reason Christie picked this fight is that Christie has built a record that I would say is actually fairly moderate both on economic policy and on social policy.” – Josh Barro

“Chris Christie is the single individual most responsible for gay and lesbian people not being able to get married in America. His legislature passed a bill to allow same-sex marriage. So, Chris Christie, individually, more than any other single individual, is blocking that for millions of people.” – Barney Frank

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