Episode 289

July 12, 2013


"It's very hard to go after white-collar crime and amass the evidence. In many of those cases, fraud is the hardest crime to prove."


"There's big political news this week on the Republican side. Sarah Palin said she may run for the Senate. She said, being a U.S. senator is a job she has always dreamed of resigning from." -Bill Maher

"If we're going to leave ourselves with one lesson from this whole sordid affair, it's 'Leave police work to the actual police.' They're the ones who are trained in shooting unarmed, black kids." -Bill Maher

"Mexico is now the fattest country in the world. Now, the Republicans say they still want to build that wall on the border. It just doesn't have to be so high." -Bill Maher


"I think it's pretty clear this is a coup. When the military tells the president, 'You're no longer the president,' and then takes him off to prison, there can be hardly any doubt this is a coup." -Bobby Ghosh

"They can't say the word 'coup' because the law says if you say it's a coup, then you can't give military aid. And we give a lot of military aid to Egypt. The reason is they take that money and they turn right around and they buy our equipment from it." -Bill Maher

"They are ready for democracy. Democracy is not that complicated. Most people understand even without a long history of it. Most people understand the basics of democracy. The trouble is the choice they're presented with." -Bobby Ghosh

"They don't have the one important thing that you need in a democracy, particularly a new one, is statesmanship. You need leaders who have the approval of a large majority of the country, but who think of themselves as governing for everybody, not just the people who voted for them. And that's a difficulty. That's statesmanship; that's not politics." -Bobby Ghosh


"If we're going to have a conversation about race, shouldn't it start with the question: why, in this country, do young, black people still have no better prospects than committing petty theft?" -Bill Maher

"From the vantage point of precious, poor black brothers especially, the criminal justice system itself is criminal to the degree to which they know Wall Street executives can commit all kinds of crimes; market manipulation, insider tradin -- not one even investigated." -Cornel West

"It's very hard to go after white-collar crime and amass the evidence. In many of those cases, fraud is the hardest crime to prove. Burglary is probably substantially easier, so I think that's part of it. I think also if you are a wealthy person, it's easier to hire a very good defense attorney." -Liz Mair


"You've got over 200 children who have been killed by bombs dropped by U.S. drones under Barack Obama. I called Bush a war criminal -- he only had 45 drones. Barack Obama has had 400 drones." -Cornel West

"The American public likes those drones, because it means that their sons and daughters don't have to go off to war. It's no fuss, no muss." -Matt Lewis

"The problem isn't Obama. The problem is ever-increasing executive branch power, and the fact that nobody is placing a check on that. And that's something that people had better be thinking about as they walk into 2014 and 2016." -Liz Mair

"Obama overstepped his bounds, it's clear, with the NSA. But, I don't want to prosecute him. I want to beat him at the ballot box." -Matt Lewis


"Edward Snowden gave a little press conference today. He is apparently seeking temporary asylum in Russia. Because, you know, when you're tired of the government snooping into everything you do, Putin's Russia is definitely the place you want to go." -Bill Maher

"I don't know what this guy has told me that we didn't already know. You know who was a whistleblower? A couple of years ago, Dana Priest in the Washington Post put that article out about this security apparatus, the Homeland Security apparatus." -Bill Maher

"I do think Snowden, he did start this big debate." -Matt Lewis

"And look at Bradley Manning. Isn't it interesting, the very people who killed those folk in the collateral damage of a murder video, nobody talks about those who did the killing, but the person who reveals it gets criminalized. Something's wrong." -Cornel West


"Nobody is talking about the overarching sort of disconnect between the educational system that we have, the employers that we have, the kids that we have, the parents that they have, the guidance counselors that we have, and the students that they advise. And that gap is really the place between blue -- and white-collar -- work. And it's into that gap that about 3 million jobs have fallen." -Mike Rowe

"I never say 'indoctrination' in any other context, but we almost indoctrinate to avoid a whole category of perfectly legitimate occupations." -Mike Rowe

"Not everybody can be the person drawing on the cave. Some people have to go out and hunt and actually gather the wood." -Bill Maher

"The narrative says the reason we've got 12 million unemployed people is because we have 12 million too-few jobs. The skills gap, I think, goes beyond all the polemics because you've got 3 million jobs that are available right now." -Mike Rowe

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