Episode 288

June 28, 2013


"If you ask everybody in this country to raise their hands if they've ever sold drugs or tried an illegal substance, more than 50% of us would be in jail right now.


"I really don't think a lot of the media coverage was helpful on what happened on the Voting Rights Act. I'm a member of Project 21, and we filed an amicus brief asking them to rule in the manner that they did, and precisely because of those significant legal issues that were involved." -Horace Cooper

"I would like to connect the dots with Paula Deen. She said, 'I is what I is and I ain't gonna change.' And that is precisely the mindset of the old Confederacy, and why they merited extra scrutiny. And, if you look at the dozens and dozens of rule changes that were shot down by the Justice Department, under first glance, it's clear that these places have not reformed." -Dan Neil

"It's more like racism went from Racism 1.0 to 2.0. Yes, there are no more poll taxes, but there are these voter I.D. laws that they're trying to pass in states, that really serve the same function of stopping people from voting." -Bill Maher

"Donald Trump is a worse racist, but he gets to keep his show because he never said the word. Sarah Palin is a worse racist. She said Obama was 'shucking and jiving his way to victory.' Newt Gingrich said he was 'the food stamp president.' This is real racism." -Bill Maher

"The court can't enforce a law that interprets what you think is unfair. The court is required to enforce what the law actually does. And the reason they lost is because that's what they were trying to do." -Horace Cooper

"The data they were using that they said was out of date, the latest data was 2006. This was not obsolete information on these states. The ruling doesn't make much sense to me." -Dan Neil


"This is what I love about this Supreme Court. You think that they're so high-minded, and you hear the things Scalia says. He quotes talking points from Fox News. The things he was saying about the Defense of Marriage Act were the exact things I've heard idiots say on Sean Hannity's show." -Bill Maher

"There's increased sort of cultural references and things. If you look at a sort of chart of public opinion, it's really the mid-nineties, is when the shift begins toward greater and greater acceptance of gay rights." -Kristen Soltis

"This DOMA ruling is a pretty lame ruling. It leaves a patchwork of protections for citizens who are, you know, married in some states and not married in the other." -Dan Neil


"We wanted to make a film that was fun, exciting, a summer blockbuster that was going to cut through the apathy and the malaise on a topic that's very important. We wanted to bring in a new generation up to speed and engaged on this." -Adrian Grenier

"I think the statute of limitations is up -- I hope it is -- but, when I was in college and first in New York trying to live as a comedian, I sold pot. I mean, I was a pot dealer. I had to be for the exact reason you say in your movie: economic necessity" -Bill Maher

"If you ask everybody in this country to raise their hands if they've ever sold drugs or tried an illegal substance, more than 50% of us would be in jail right now. Except maybe your audience, which is probably 100%." -Adrian Grenier

"Not all drugs are the same. And not all vice is the same. If you're talking about legalization of marijuana, I think there's a broad consensus, like gay marriage and other issues, the needle is moving." -Dan Neil

"We're all connected to this in some way. It's not helping addiction, which is the real problem. Because, actually, addiction is on the rise. So, you know, we've got to rethink this and be unafraid to make a different mistake. Because this has been going on for 40 years, and we're escalating it." -Adrian Grenier


"The good news and the bad news is that the effects of climate change are right up in our face, and we have a front row seat. So, I don't need it to be interpreted. I don't need it to be proven to me. I can look out the window and see that it is happening. And that's also the bad news." -Dan Neil

"I am a denier and proud of it." -Horace Cooper

"I think everyone would recognize that the real thing to be done is legislation through Congress. But, we also recognize that's just not going to happen." -Anthony Leiserowitz

"How do you deal with, how do you solve the problem, is similar to how people look at spending. You can get people that'll say, yes, something's a problem, but then it's a lot harder to get people to agree on what's the solution." -Kristen Soltis

"It is not too late. We absolutely have this within our power to limit climate change to tolerable levels." -Anthony Leiserowitz 

"Other countries have conservative parties. They don't say it's not happening. We're unique. And I don't think it's a coincidence that we're the most religious of western democracies and also the one that denies global warming." -Bill Maher

"Let's get rid of the archaic, antiquated combustion engine where you just blow stuff up and burn stuff, and create, by the way, pollution which does affect your health, and let's invest in new technologies, new wind energy, solar energy. That's exciting. That's the future." -Adrian Grenier

"It's the 'let's get rid of the combustible engine' that's the problem. What you do is you replace the horse-and-buggy with something better. What you don't do is say, 'The goal is to target this particular industry' whether it's fossil fuels or whatever it might be. That's destructive." -Horace Cooper

"Many of them are conspiracy theorists. They say it's scientists making up data, it's a U.N. plot to take away American sovereignty, it's various politicians trying to get rich. So, yeah, it's a really difficult world view to have a constructive conversation with." -Anthony Leiserowitz

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