Episode 286

June 14, 2013


"Leadership demands that sometimes you don't follow the polls; you let the polls follow you."


"Eric Holder, our attorney general, says the Mr. Snowden will be brought to justice. Just as soon as we can find someone who can track his calls and read his emails." -Bill Maher

"And the great news about getting into yet another war in the Middle East: our next one's free!" -Bill Maher

"There are only three ways a congressman goes out: They die in office, they cash in as a lobbyist, or they mistakenly tweet a picture of their d*ck." -Bill Maher


"Can't we sit one of them out? Does every time the Bat Signal goes off, we have to answer it?" -Bill Maher

"Isn't the lesson we learned in the Middle East wars, the easy part is getting rid of the bad guy? It's what happens next." -Bill Maher

"We should criticize the president here for his complete inconsistency. This has been a complete absence of policy. From the Cairo speech onwards, he's made mistake after mistake in the Middle East." -Niall Ferguson

"I'm not against giving some weapons right now in order to advance the peace process, which is what the president is trying to do. But, if you're talking about over the long term, we've seen over and over again these weapons go to one force or another and they end up in different hands." -Jonathan Alter

"Leadership demands that sometimes you don't follow the polls; you let the polls follow you. And in this case, the president is just trying to make good on his own word." -Kellyanne Conway


"He's neither a hero nor a traitor. But he's engaged us in a conversation that we needed to have." -Kellyanne Conway

"If it's easy for the government to learn about us, it should be easier for us to learn about the government, what they're doing." -Jonathan Alter

"Why can't we have a provision in the surveillance act that's similar to the one they put in the gun bill that didn't pass?" -Bill Maher

"I think Snowden is a fantasist. We should call him not just a leaker but potentially even a defector. It's very strange if you believe in civil liberties to rush to China to make your point." -Niall Ferguson


"When you frack a well, you're exploding methane up into the atmosphere. So, Barack Obama, by supporting natural gas, and also talking about climate change is literally burning his own inaugural address. And he's doing it with natural gas." -Josh Fox

"With all this eruption of people concerned about fracking and everything happening in the media, why wasn't the government doing anything? And why was it that, all of a sudden, you heard natural gas industry talking points rolling out inside of the president's inaugural address?" -Josh Fox

"The first film, it's about people lighting their water on fire. And this film is about the oil and gas industry lighting our democracy on fire." -Josh Fox


"It's very well known that the Republicans have problems with minorities. The Democrats have big problems with white people. Obama only got 39% of the vote. He only got 36% of the working-class white people." -Bill Maher

"Usually based on an economic agenda, white working-class voters don't buy into this whole biology-chemistry-abortion-gender agenda as much as they want more take-home pay. They want affordability." -Kellyanne Conway


"This is our civil rights movement. Because it says to insurance companies you can no longer discriminate someone. And it's everybody. It's your child with autism; it's your parent with Alzheimer's; it's your sister or brother with addiction or bipolar or schizophrenia." -Patrick Kennedy

"We should not allow insurance companies to deny care and impose higher treatment limitations for a brain illness when compared to other physical illnesses of the body." -Patrick Kennedy

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