Episode 284

May 31, 2013


"We didn't go for the socialist plan. The problem with Obamacare isn't too much socialism. It's still too much capitalism!"


"The big political news this week: the lights are a little dimmer in Crazy Town tonight. In the struggle between reality and Michele Bachmann, reality has won. Flags are being flown at half-mast at the Laugh Factory. Michele Bachmann is out." - Bill Maher

"John McCain went on a secret mission to Syria. He's like the 'Where's Waldo?' of war." - Bill Maher

"Someone again sent the deadly poison—ricin—to President Obama, through the mail. These dumb-asses. Do they really think Obama opens his own mail? He doesn't even know what the IRS and the Justice Department are doing!" - Bill Maher


"First of all, there's way over-classification. Everything gets classified. We can't have a discussion about national security policy if we didn't talk about classified information, because you couldn't have an intelligent discussion about it." - Michael Isikoff

"What happens is, people at the top leak selectively, usually for their own purposes because they're trying to spin the story; they're trying to make themselves look good; they're trying to make somebody else look bad." - Michael Isikoff


"I thought it was his bravest speech ever." - Bill Maher

"This war could go on forever. We don't know. Maybe the next president will take it in a whole new direction. Obama thinks that he can control what the next president is going to do, but it's not going to be that easy." - James Poulos

"I think it was refreshing to see a president actually seem genuinely morally troubled by the extent of his powers and want them limited." - Paul Rudnick

"I actually thought what was courageous about it is that he knew that there would be a sort of knee-jerk response saying that he's soft on terror. And, you know, we faced that. And he was willing to do it anyway, because he realizes that we need new rules, and new rules of the road, because we shouldn't have the justification that we had for 9/11." - Neera Tanden


"It seems like in states where they want it to work, it could and will work. And in states like Texas where they don't want it to work, it won't. And that seems to me a little bit treasonous." - Bill Maher

"I think where we're going to get bit is on implementation. I think implementation is going to be a bureaucratic, administrative nightmare. Good luck to the people whose job it is to make that happen." - James Poulos

"These are conservative ideas: having a marketplace for healthcare, people being able to choose. You know, people being able to see the prices and compete." - Neera Tanden

"We didn't go for the socialist plan. The problem with Obamacare isn't too much socialism. It's still too much capitalism!" - Bill Maher

"I wonder if the result will be a little bit like 'don't ask, don't tell,' when there were all those dire predictions, and then once it was implemented with very few problems, everyone suddenly forgot about their objections to it and about all the controversy." - Paul Rudnick


"The truth is that a lot of this expired stuff is really good, packaged food. You harvest that food. You bring it back to a squat. You make food for 100 people, and for kids in the neighborhood who are going to bed hungry at night. And suddenly it seems crazy not to dive the dumpster." - Brit Marling

"$165 billion of food is what we throw away every year in this country. $2,275 per family, on average." - Bill Maher

"I think that there is a version of activism now that's about dropping out. These are young people who feel that the sort of status quo or the way things are, that it's unworkable for them. And so their activism is in how they live their lives." - Brit Marling

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