Episode 282

May 10, 2013


"I think the reason why more rapists go into the military is the same reason why predators go into the Catholic Church. It's a place they know they can get away with it."


"They want so bad to find a 'smoking gun.' And there just isn't one. There is no smoking gun. How sad is that? Someone in America not able to find a gun" -Bill Maher

"And this procedure accomplishes that, because it surgically pinches off your stomach so you just can't eat. Because that's what you want in a president: someone with absolutely no will power." -Bill Maher


"I wanted to do something that was doable, pragmatic. And it seems, by exercising some discipline during the course of the day and then letting yourself go at night, which is when we want to hang out with friends and it worked for me." -Mark Bittman

"I think people at least now, as opposed to ten-15-20 years ago, kind of get it, what is the bad food. I think, before, there was a time when they didn't even get it that processed food was hurting them. Now, I think they get that, but the big enemies to switching over to good food are convenience." -Mark Bittman


"If you watched Fox News, this story was like, you know, 'They saved Hitler's brain -- times -- men walk on the moon.' It was the biggest story ever. And if you listened to normal people, it was just some partisan dopes trying to make political hay off some dead bodies." -Bill Maher

"I'm not saying it's a huge scandal, but there certainly are questions when the government and political officials, six weeks before an election, say things about a major event like that, that prove to be untrue. There should be investigations, even if the Republicans are doing it for political ends." -Glenn Greenwald

"This is a prototypical Washington scandal. It's a scandal about a memo. The big bombshell that was released by ABC News was, 'Twelve edits to the memo.' That's what we're down to." -Joy Reid

"The scandal here is that the media, as it did during the Bush years, sides with power. The media did not want to investigate this, and so it reported a process story right from the beginning." -Charles Cooke


"We just have to have visibility. We have to have acknowledgement. We have to have accountability to how we treat one another." -Zachary Quinto

"The thing is, it's happening now. There is no stopping it. There is no denying it." -Zachary Quinto


"Look where we are with actual guns and our ability to mitigate that debate. Where do you go with something that is so far beyond our capacity to even understand it at this point?' -Zachary Quinto

"In a society as violent as this one, what positive purpose could there be for having a gun printer? I'm thinking militias; I'm scared about gangs; we're talking about counterterrorism, the idea that you could get this past an an airport screener, that you could get this into the capital." -Joy Reid

"What other liberties are going to get in the government's crosshairs -- just like the prohibition and the 'war on drugs' -- to try and stop this?" -Charles Cooke

"There's a huge cost to freedom in letting people talk about how you print these plastic guns or letting them say these things about arming for tyranny. There's also a cost to letting the government say these ideas can't be expressed, this is treason. It's difficult." -Glenn Greenwald


"The military is such a hierarchical institution. It's an institution where, if you are assaulted by a person senior to you, you're probably the person that's expendable and that's going to get in trouble." -Joy Reid

"I think the reason why more rapists go into the military is the same reason why predators go into the Catholic Church. It's a place they know they can get away with it." -Bill Maher

"The way the military structure is needs looking at. But, we shouldn't forget that the entire prosecution of rapes in the western world, and the whole world, is already a disaster. Ninety-five percent, I think, of them, go unprosecuted." -Charles Cooke

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