Episode 280

April 26, 2013



"The man who they carjacked during that awful night a week ago came forward. They carjacked him when he pulled over to send a text. And everyone in L.A. went, wow, someone stopped driving to send a text?" -Bill Maher

"They only had one gun between them. One gun. Talk about not assimilating. They're in the United States for ten years and they have one gun?! What sort of an American is that?" -Bill Maher


"The Internet has been a big game-changer. For everybody that has been working in counter-terrorism for a while, the Internet has been really a significant factor." -- Don Borelli

"It seems like there's been a change in -- just since 9/11 -- in the kind of Islamic terrorists we have seen. Perhaps because of the Internet, they don't really need Al Qaeda." -Bill Maher

"There's been a big paradigm shift in the way we look at terrorism. It's not the big group of guys, like you say, on the monkey bars, going to Afghanistan, training. Now, the model is partially, that you can learn a lot of these skills on the Internet." -Don Borelli


"We killed as many people probably bombing Dresden with conventional fire bombs, as we did with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with atom bombs. I don't understand why that's a 'red line' for us, and it makes me nervous that we're going to get into Syria." -Bill Maher

"When that genie gets out of the bottle and you have chemical weapons being used, biological weapons being used, nuclear weapons being used, that's a road to hell. And the question is, what responsibility does the civilized world have in stopping that? We're not going to be able to stop every civil war. " -John Avlon


"There's 13 of these presidential libraries. I hate them all. I think they're ridiculous. They're presidents. They're not King Tut. Why do we have to build a mausoleum?" -Bill Maher

"Clinton even acknowledged in his speech that these particular libraries are about rewriting history. But, there's different histories, so maybe there's a value to having all of that assembled, should you ever want to go and visit one." -Anna Deavere Smith

"We're running down the slope of stupid so fast in our country, if there's a place that folks can actually get civic history, you know, I don't like the partisan spin on it, but at least it's an alternative to, you know, the celebrity culture gossip." -John Avlon


"The price of it, I think, is tremendous cynicism. Because I don't believe anything anymore." -- Bill Maher

"What's different now is that we're getting real-time updates in a 'fog of war' with social media. So, a thousand fractured first-person perspectives." -John Avlon

"With this fog of war, it used to be the fog of war was maybe wrong with inaccurate information from the battlefield. This was the fog of war with wrong information with innuendoes, with a lot of just slander." -Robert Traynham

"What you saw after the Boston bombing, you saw the president come out, and he said, 'Look, we need to step back for a second. We need to make sure the law enforcement officials get all the information first before we actually report.' So, you can see even from his press conference he was very, very upset, I think, at us, quite frankly." -Anna Deavere Smith


"The problem is now that the police are beginning to act more like the military. You know, out after enemy combatants." -Anna Deavere Smith

"The police, in the era of terror, are a paramilitary organization.That said, this is an ancient debate. This is about freedom versus security, and it is intentioned. And that is as it should be." -John Avlon

"We don't see that every single day. That's not like you see that walking down Main Street every single day. What we saw was a federal response immediately after a horrific bombing." -Robert Traynham

"I think the fact that we have cameras and we have where our phones are being tracked and our cars are being tracked, is that we must want this. I mean, this must be something we want." -Jimmy Kimmel

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