Episode 279

April 19, 2013


"Ninety percent of people support background checks. Which means even people who can't pass a background check support background checks."


"It seems to me that the reaction to this horrific crime this week was so different than 9/11. Obviously, not as many people died by far, but it seemed like America had grown up a bit. It seemed like we were a lot more stoic. We didn't overreact." -Bill Maher

"What happened this week was terrible. But, it was an exception. And the long trajectory is downhill rather than uphill." -Nicholas Kristof 

"I saw somebody quoted today saying, 'We just got to get used to this terror. It's going to happen.' You know, I don't plan to get used to it." -Salman Rushdie

"This is the most welcoming country in the world. You go to France, you go to England and look how they marginalize their immigrant communities. We embrace them. Maybe instead of blowing up people, he should have tried to meet the Chinese student who is a student over in Boston." -Brian Levin


"How can something that 90% of people wanted, how can democracy work this badly?" -Bill Maher

"If you have a vote which wins, is won, by a simple majority by quite a wide margin, and that fails, there's something wrong with American democracy." -Salman Rushdie

"Those 10% care passionately about this issue, and they vote on this issue. And those 90% tend to vote on a lot of other issues. And also, for those Republican senators, I think they're often much more concerned about a primary election challenge rather than a general election." -Nicholas Kristof

"When 'primary' became a verb, that's the other thing that's stopping progress." -Bill Maher


"Ninety percent of people support background checks. Which means even people who can't pass a background check support background checks." -Bill Maher

"This is a powerful message from our government: we will not be intimidated by bombs; we will not be intimidated by poison; this is America, if you're a violent, paranoid lunatic, you must use a gun!" -Bill Maher

"To those of us who are the token foreigners, it's insane what America does or doesn't do about guns. It simply seems deranged." -Salman Rushdie

"What I've been disappointed in, this whole discussion, I was so hopeful that we would get into it, as a country, is not so much gun control but 'nut control.' -Amy Holmes

"This is where the Supreme Court has really let this country down, by its interpretation of the Second Amendment." -Salman Rushdie

"The Second Amendment isn't really the impediment right now. Because if you're talking about universal background checks, if you're talking about limiting magazines, then that is not going to be the impediment. The impediment is politics right now." -Nicholas Kristof

"We're not going to shoot our way out of our problem with shootings. We can do better than that, all right? We're not doing the things in advance that we should be doing." -Colin Goddard

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