Episode 277

April 5, 2013



"North Korea has the same ability to launch a nuclear strike against America as I do." -Bill Maher

"Scalia and Roberts look like they're leaning against it. Kagen and Sotomayor look like they're leaning for it. And, Clarence Thomas said he cannot make an informed decision on lesbian relationships until he reviews more videotape." -Bill Maher


"In a platoon, most of the guys in the platoon would risk their lives -- their life -- for everyone else in the platoon. You can't recreate that back home. And that's what they miss." -Sebastian Junger


"The willingness to die for someone else is a very extreme form of love. And it's really required in combat. And once that happens in a small group, it is kind of intoxicating to be in a group like that. It's an emotionally incredibly safe place to be." -Sebastian Junger


"The problem with the formulation today is not that it is too generous, as Obama and his friends are saying. It is too stingy right now because it doesn't measure what seniors actually buy." -Bernie Sanders

"Ultimately, nothing will get done. We'll sit here saying, 'Thanks for wasting all of our time, and now you're going to pass down this debt that's going to continue with our generation, because, frankly, Congress is more concerned about the next election cycle than they are about our generation.'" -Abby Huntsman


"This has been by far the worst recovery from a recession we ever had. If we had the same kind of recovery we had under Ronald Reagan, we would have five million more jobs today." -Steve Moore

"We had 88,000 new jobs today. That doesn't even keep up with -- with the population growth." -Abby Huntsman

"It's so hard to listen to this and not think you're working backwards from 'I don't like Obama.' -Bill Maher

"It's so funny, when Bush was in office, there was two wars we didn't pay for-the prescription drug program we didn't pay for, the tax cuts for billionaires we didn't pay for. Nobody ever mentioned 'fiscal cliff.' Somehow, we weren't going off the cliff then." -Bill Maher


"Creationism is not a Louisiana problem. It's an American problem. Because we have creationism laws in Louisiana, but we have a copycat law in Tennessee. There's bills introduced all around the country." -Zack Kopplin

"The Louisiana session is starting up on Monday, and so Bobby Jindal could come out in support of our repeal. And that way, he could help move the Republican Party to not be the Stupid Party. That might be the ideal way for him to step out of this." -Zack Kopplin


"Why is it all of a sudden that it's conservatives that are bigots if they don't support gay marriage, when that was the position of most members of the Congress, including most Democrats?" -Steve Moore

"When people say, you know, 'Calling me a bigot doesn't help.' No, actually, it does. Actually, it helps a lot, because that's how things change, is you make it socially unacceptable." -Bill Maher

"This is a generational issue right now. Young people overwhelmingly say gay marriage, what's the problem, what's the issue?" -Bernie Sanders

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