Episode 276

March 22, 2013



"And, so, to say, no, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, my only objection is, look, if you want to crush Social Security and Medicare in order to keep taxes at the lowest share of income they've been in 50 years, fine! Then say that. At least be honest about it." -Austan Goolsbee

"In the Paul Ryan budget, I believe it takes it to two percent. So, there's never been anything like it. It's totally unsustainable. It undermines the growth rate of the country." -Austan Goolsbee

"The Democratic quilt is brown, black, white, yellow, and the Republican quilt is white...light white, sage white."


"It really changed how I thought about the whole situation. I think a lot of people in America probably don't understand that most Israelis are for the two-state solution." -Bill Maher

"I think he showed great courage in standing strongly with Israel, but moving forward on the idea of a two-state solution." -Jim McGreevey

"George Bush was the one who endorsed the two-state solution. So, he has been a big supporter -- he had been a big supporter of the two-state solution. So, the idea that this is some sort of right-wing conspiracy, I think, is false." -John Feehery


"We obviously have to do a better job especially on immigration. We have to do a better job on expanding our base, talking to more people. And being less offensive to people would be helpful." -John Feehery

"What's happening right now with the RNC is that they're putting the ten-point plan on paper, but they have a whole different wing of the Republican Party that basically is their voice. And that's the libertarian and the Tea Party wing." -Maria Teresa Kumar

"The Democratic quilt is brown, black, white, yellow, and the Republican quilt is white...light white, sage white." -Jim McGreevey


"We have five percent of the world's population and 25% of the prisoners. And I think it's for two main reasons: the drug war and greed." -Bill Maher

"70% of the people that are incarcerated, are clinically determined to be addicts. And, of those people, only 11% are treated for their addiction." -Jim McGreevey

"Republican or Democrat, I think this is one issue where evangelical Christians, agnostic Democrats, whomever, come together, because our system doesn't work." -Jim McGreevey

"I think that there are a lot of Republicans that are seriously rethinking the war on drugs. And I think that, you know, the fact of the matter is that a lot of states are going bankrupt because of this problem. Because the system is seriously broken and needs to be fixed." -John Feehery

"The largest booming part of the prison system right now is immigration detention centers. Because they recognize that these are individuals that don't have a voice, they don't have representation and they're easy money." -Maria Teresa Kumar


"I'm always fearful of going over the hill. I've seen many peers do so by not staying current. So, I bring home every week tapes of a song, of a record, when it hits the charts, no matter what the format." -Clive Davis

"I'm looking for the return where radio will allow a new Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan to emerge." -Clive Davis

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