Episode 274

March 8, 2013



"In honor of International Women's Day, today, Senator Rand Paul, for 13 hours, just listened. He just did not speak. He did not try to solve America's problem. He just wanted to be supportive." - Bill Maher

"Two key questions emerged from the dinner: whether anything can get done without the Republican leadership; and, two, why do John McCain and Lindsey Graham always go to the bathroom in pairs?" - Bill Maher

"The Republicans in Arkansas passed the strictest abortion law ever. Wow, are they radically pro-life in Arkansas. They say in the bill, 'Life begins when your sister gets drunk.'" - Bill Maher 

On Detroit

"I'm very afraid - and I think the country is very afraid, that that nice middle class that floated everything is not coming back. Those factories are gone forever." - Charlie LeDuff

"All the stuff we invented. All the stuff we built, that we decided we want to sit on our fat asses and not do anymore, we shipped it over there. We let our politicians ship it over there." - Charlie LeDuff

"I just feel every American believes that the government's not looking out for them. Look, you take my taxes, spend them properly, stay out of my house, stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my life. Just do the things we're asking." - Charlie LeDuff

The DOW and The Economy

"The bond market is doing great. The stock market is doing great. The housing market is doing great. But, the economy isn't doing great. And that's the problem. It's an illusory - it's an illusory stock market." - Avik Roy

"America being behind France in upward mobility is a little bit like France being behind America in croissants and afternoon sex. " - Arianna Huffington

"Yes, our income keeps going up. In the last 50 years, if you look at those figures, we should be happier, if you based it by that. But, we're not, because nothing is ever good enough." - Bill Maher

"Our income keeps going up. In the last 50 years, if you look at those figures, we should be happier, if you based it by that. But, we're not, because nothing is ever good enough."

Obama's Dinner with Republicans

"It's supposed to be a good thing that he's got this dialogue started. To me, I think, I just took away something bad from it, because, apparently he had to do this not to convince them of anything. To educate them." - Bill Maher

"Obama was very smart and strategic here. What he did, he went around the leadership where he's had these loggerheads, and he identified the leadership in the Senate. His play is going to be in the Senate where he can begin to have the conversation and lay out his plan." - Michael Steele

South Dakota's Gun Law Arming Teachers

"I think arming teachers is - is incredibly inane. It''s shortsighted, and it's the wrong solution. What we need to be doing is arming the children." - David Cross

"How is a five-year-old kid going to carry a Bushmaster, let alone get the torque to, you know, to shoot it. And I'm not - so, what you do is, you give the five-, six-, seven-year-olds Glocks, .22s. something they can handle." - David Cross

The Usage of Drones  

"If Bush had done what Obama is doing, you would be flipping out about it. Everyone would still be flipping out about it." - Avik Roy 

"It's not just about the one individual sitting at the café that they wanted to get. It is the ten, twelve, 100 people around him who are also killed in that process." - Michael Steele

"The real question is, what is the Constitution here? Does he have the constitutional right to actually create these 'kill lists' and make decisions and use this term, 'imminent threat' without actually describing what is 'imminent threat'?" - Arianna Huffington


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