Episode 267

November 16, 2012


"I think women are the future, as we know."


"There is a deadly rocket and air strike battle going on with Hamas over Gaza. Looks like there may be another war in the Middle East. But, don't worry. Our best generals are on it." -Bill Maher

"I don't care that they started f**king. I do sort of care that the CIA director can't keep a secret. This bothers me." -Bill Maher

"A smart woman can get around and manipulate a smart man. And you guys are that much easier to manipulate and get around when you are horny" -Ana Navarro

"He's just sitting there pressing buttons, sending drones in to kill people. He's got a lot of free time on his hands, and this is what happens." -Michael Moore

"That is a failure of the FBI. It's not a -- it's not that there is some perpetual investigation and they are telling the public at every step." -David Frum


"They say, 'What is the key to being a successful consultant?' I say, 'Good taste.'" -David Axelrod

"The first thing he did when he got off the phone was call Bill Clinton. And he had a long conversation with him, and thanked him, and said, 'You are the all-star of this campaign, the most valuable player.'" -David Axelrod


"I refuse to believe that the Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney believe that this is a country of 'takers and makers.'" -Ana Navarro

"Right now, he just found out that he is 'G.O.P.' --'Get Out of the Picture.'" -Ana Navarro

"I remember so vividly after 2008, after the defeat in 2008, how the ice began to form over the Republican Party. It was a frozen land for four years of no thought, no creativity, double-down, back-to-basics. And what is happening, what you're hearing now, and the painful sound, is the sound of that ice cracking." -David Frum

"The real problem is Fox News. It's the way conservatives get their information. It's Fox News. It's Rush Limbaugh. It's Drudge." -Bill Maher

"It's been six cycles where the Republicans won a majority of the vote just one time in a presidential election. The scale of the defeat here is very great." -David Frum

"I think you should be very pessimistic, as Republicans. I mean that with all due respect. Because, just with women -- just with women alone, in -- I don't know who you're going to run in 2016." -Michael Moore

"American women said to the Republican Party, 'Keep Mitt off our tit.'" -Eric Idle

"I think women are the future, as we know." -Eric Idle


"I think the real story of this election, when all of this politics recedes, is that Obamacare is here to stay. Even the 'teabagger' people are starting to understand." -Bill Maher

"It's here forever. And we're never turning back. And it's never, never going back!" -Michael Moore

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