Episode 266

November 9, 2012


"Obama won single women by 38%. I think the message to Republicans was clear: 'Get off me.'"


"He did worse with Mormons than Bush did. That is a "legitimate rape," ladies and gentlemen." -Bill Maher

"Obama won single women by 38%. I think the message to Republicans was clear: 'Get off me.'" -Bill Maher

"Romney was 30% responsible for his defeat. The Republican brand was 70% responsible for it." -James Carville

On Republicans: "They don't realize that microphones carry sound. And that when you speak into them, people then hear what you say." -SE Cupp

"You got much more bang for your one million than Sheldon Adelson got for his hundred million." -James Carville

"If you give me a guy that has a platform that's comparable or that maybe is a face that I can look at and say, 'I trust that dude,' I might have voted for him." -Samuel L Jackson

On Obama: "He was a community organizer, where's the money in that? Somehow, you know what? Voting and getting out the vote? That's community organizing." -Bill Maher

"The first conservative who will be the future of that party will be the one that says Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Republican Party." -Andrew Sullivan


"It feels good to know that there's 10,000 people in Colorado that are not going to be arrested and made criminals next year just for using marijuana." -Mason Tvert

"I know that you made a very generous contribution to Barack Obama. I think that if you and 20 of your friends want to get together and make a similar contribution, we'll have this done in a year or two." -Mason Tvert


"If you look at where the federal government spends most of its money and doesn't get the same amount back -- in other words, the real 'takers' are the red states." -Andrew Sullivan

"I think liberal America is a lot smarter than the Democratic Party message, which largely for a year was, 'we're the party of free stuff, and the other guys are going to take it away.'" -SE Cupp


"General Petraeus, head of the CIA, quit because he was having an extramarital affair. And one thing we will not tolerate is spies and sex. By the way, the new James Bond movie came out today." -Bill Maher

"How come Romney never mentioned it? You have your rules, this is my rule: it can't be an issue unless the candidate brings it up." -James Carville

"The issue was created entirely by the conservative media industrial complex because they wanted another Carter and they wanted another helicopter crash." -Andrew Sullivan

"The Republicans can't understand this, but maybe the affair was just about sex." -James Carville

"What the Republicans want is another false equivalency because Bush sat there for seven minutes on 9/11 and 3,000 Americans died in America on his watch." -Bill Maher

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