Episode 262

October 12, 2012


They're trying to make that the equivalent of the Iranian hostage situation in '79. Because, that way, Obama is Carter and Mitt Romney is Reagan.


"Forget integrity, forget courage. What we want is a president who is 100% our **ch." -Bill Maher

"The polls this week revealed that Romney gained a lot of ground on Obama. And the Obama campaign is now seriously considering a new and untested campaign strategy called 'trying.'" -Bill Maher


"And liberals are very racist. I mean, the attacks on Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, that lovely Stacey Dash. If you want to see racism in America, present them with a conservative black person." -Ann Coulter


"I ran off with the biker. I came back to him." -Ann Coulter


"We now know more. And we are admitting what we know and we're trying to find out more every single day. But, it doesn't do any good to have a Salem witch hunt." -Brian Schweitzer

"Mitt Romney and Ryan want to change the subject from the economy to the Middle East. We would love to have some more conversations about Osama bin Laden, who is at the bottom of the ocean. Let's continue this conversation." -Brian Schweitzer

"They're trying to make that the equivalent of the Iranian hostage situation in '79. Because, that way, Obama is Carter and Mitt Romney is Reagan." -Bill Maher


"The problem with Obama in the first debate was that he was ;Republican-lite.' You know, he was just a slightly more compassionate conservative." -Bill Maher


"But, Joe Biden, it seemed to me last night, did what a lot of Democrats have been waiting for a Democrat to do, which is look like he was from a different party." -Bill Maher

"He was an old-fashioned liberal, and I thought he did it well." -Darrell Issa


"Only in the bubble is unemployment going up in America. We have these things called 'facts.' And actually, unemployment is going down in America." -Bill Maher

"Part of what the Romney/Ryan team is most concerned about, is how do we get America, in large scale, working again with the kinds of jobs that create real wealth? And it is a problem worth a debate." -Darrell Issa

"Our contest with China is a sick, sad, terrible, self-defeating circle where we borrow a lot of money so we can buy their cheap bulls**t at Walmart." -Ben Affleck

"We're not going to have a healthy economy unless we have a stable financial system, which we don't have right now." -Sheila Bair


"It was the most distasteful thing I ever did. And it still is, and it still troubles me." -Sheila Bair

"These guys brought us the crisis and they were bailed out. There was no accountability." -Sheila Bair


"Is it possible that the American dream itself is a bubble? That the American dream is kind of bloated?" -Bill Maher

"It seems like the American dream has become the American fantasy. And when this bubble burst, it seemed like everyone wanted to be made whole back to where they were at the top of the bubble." -Bill Maher


"The thing about "Sesame Street" is -- and public television is -- if you don't have a lot of money, that's where you getting your early childhood development." -Ben Affleck

"Big Bird might backfire on Mitt Romney, because a lot of single mothers, you know, this is the one place they can park their kids and not feel guilty about it." -Bill Maher

"Public broadcasting would be much better off if it weaned itself to where it was completely like any other charity organization." -Bill Maher

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