Episode 261

October 5, 2012


Mitt Romney looked strong and Mitt Romney looked aggressive. But, you can't look presidential when you're just telling lies.


"It is pretty painful when people in these focus groups burst out in tears because they don't have enough money at the end of the week; they're not sure if their job is going to exist." -Frank Luntz


"Without low-information voters, Mitt Romney could never have said that thing about PBS." -Bill Maher

"There are two sets of undecided voters in this country. One of them rejects Republicans and Democrats, rejects conservatives and liberals, and says, "Let's take a little bit of both, and let's just get the job done." -Frank Luntz

"They don't want you. They don't want me. They just want these guys to work together, cut the crap, shut the hell up and do your jobs." -Frank Luntz


"Why was a guy who is such a great communicator so bad on such a big night?" -Bill Maher

"I think the president was listening to Clint Eastwood. You know, he was talking to an empty chair. The president froze. He had no passion, no emotion. And Mitt was on the top of his game." -Mark Foley

"Mitt Romney looked strong and Mitt Romney looked aggressive. But, you can't look presidential when you're just telling lies." -Kerry Washington

"I think Mitt Romney always knew that the moment to come out as the centrist, to make that big turn, was this night at the debates." -Bil Maher


"I think he doesn't care about anything ideologically. He'll do whatever. The Tea Party, the Democrats, liberals, conservatives; he just wants to establish the Mormons are part of the mainstream of this country." -Bill Maher


"It was good news. And, isn't the general trend for the last at least two years going in the right direction? Absolutely." -Bill Maher

"I tend to think the government is best symbolized by the DMV. They don't run anything very well. So, to pull off a massive conspiracy like this would be totally out of character." -Will Cain


"The numbers of Americans who are worried about climate change have spiked considerably in the last two years partly because 80% of counties in this country have had some kind of federally-declared disaster." -Bill McKibben

"You just look around at the thermometer. We've had 329 months now in a row where the temperature is above the average temperature of the 20th century." -Bill McKibben

"And that's the problem with environmental activists. You always assume an extrapolation from the present. You think what is now will continue into the future?" -Will Cain

"Other countries have conservative parties. They don't question whether global warming is real and we have to deal with it. We are the only country that does that." -Bill Maher

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