Episode 260

September 21, 2012


The big lie is that the people who make a lot of money were the only ones that worked hard.


"I think Mitt Romney is a symptom. I think the problem is the Republican Party" -Bill Maher

"And he said that 47%--that's pretty high--47% of Americans are basically welfare bums who are mooching off the government. And then he said, 'My job is not to worry about those people.' You know, where do people get this stuff that Mitt Romney is a heartless, calculating c**ksucker?" -Bill Maher

"New polls show that Obama is now pulling away from Mitt Romney. And, of course, what could be more natural than to see Mitt Romney and pull away?" -Bill Maher


"But, there's no lying to ourselves, for the masses of black people in this country, the leading indicators are very frightening about where black life has gone." -Eugene Jarecki

"What was happening was the war on drugs. That was the primary culprit I could see that was getting in the way of black progress." -Eugene Jarecki

"What mostly prevents black people from voting is that drug laws send them to prison, and then they can't vote." -Bill Maher

"The Drug War is an addiction, really." -Bill Maher


"I think supply-side economics is broken. Nothing is trickling down. That goes back to the problem about the shrinking middle." -Rana Foroohar

"There's no coherent policy being presented. And I think that is an ongoing problem." -Rana Foroohar


"He thinks that if you make less than -- if you're in that 47%, you're below him. That's the way he talks. And you have to pay $50,000 to hear him talk that way." -Chris Matthews

"The big lie is that the people who make a lot of money were the only ones that worked hard." -Chris Matthews

"I've worked my way up, and a lot of people have, and we're proud of it. And we don't want to see that taken away by government and handed out to programs that create more dependency." -Rodger Hedgecock


"America let me come here and make my own choices. They said, 'If you -- if you think you feel okay coming here and, you know, renting a house in -- or a place in New York or upstate or Long Island or wherever, and you just want to lead your life, that's okay with us.'" -Salman Rushdie

"I think one of the reasons why I ended up making a life here was because this was the place which gave me back the beginning of my freedom." -Salman Rushdie


"But, that's what's happened is that, you know, you can't blame the West for all of this. This feels like a self-inflicted wound." -Salman Rushdie

"I have an idea about what we should do about it, and that is to get much more pro-active with our foreign policy. Now, this is certainly not the fault of America, what happened. But, I think that we're always a step behind, foreign-policy-wise." -Rana Foroohar

"You know, this isn't about Islam versus the west. This is Islamic leaders manipulating their own countries in order to gain greater power in those countries." -Salman Rushdie

"In the Muslim world, much of it, they cannot conceive of something coming out of the United States that wouldn't be sanctioned by the government, because in their countries, everything is sanctioned by the government." -Bill Maher

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