Episode 257

August 30, 2012


Business needs representation. But it seems like they're the party now of only business. Like, if you're not a businessman, why even live?


"But, didn't you love it, that part where Clint pretended that he was talking to an invisible Obama? And this Obama was not a nice guy. This Obama...this Obama was telling Romney to go f**k himself. Isn't that something? Even people who don't exist hate Mitt Romney." -Bill Maher

"And, you know, she was telling details of their personal life. I loved that part where Ann Romney said Mitt Romney, when they were young and together, she said, "He was nice to my parents, but really glad when my parents weren't around." And with his Medicare plan, they won't be." -Bill Maher

"Business needs representation. But it seems like they're the party now of only business. Like, if you're not a businessman, why even live?" -Bill Maher


"But, you say he's filled with rage. And I noticed that was a theme of Clint Eastwood's performance last night, too, that he kept, you know, talking to the invisible guy who said things like, 'Go f**k yourself.' But, the real Obama, I've never seen do anything like that." -Bill Maher

"Yeah, the same guy who hardly met his father, wrote a 500-page book called Dreams From My Father. Now, by the way, not Dreams of My Father, not about his father's dreams. Dreams From My Father means here are the dreams that "I" -- Obama -- got from my dad." -Dinesh D'Souza


"I don't know if you've seen it before, but I think what you're seeing are people trying to get control of the message, that sort of the veracity doesn't matter, right? I mean, if you can just say it and say it often, and say it enough and say it loud enough, and just keep repeating it and have everyone else around you keep repeating it, then eventually it becomes true. And I think that you've seen that a lot in this campaign." -Soledad O'Brien


"At the heart, any way you want to describe it, any way you want to slant it, Ryan doesn't like Medicare. He doesn't like entitlement programs. That's their platform. He doesn't like Social Security. He doesn't like Medicare. He's not pro the program. So, he's not going to do much to help the program. He doesn't believe in the program." -Jason Alexander

"It's complicated. You know, in order to do the fact-checking, you have to go through and read, line by line, the Congressional Budget Office Report. You have to refer to the law. You have to go through the Tax Policy Center. It's very hard. I think if you're a person who is sitting at home, who has Medicare, you're trying to figure out, 'So am I going to lose my Medicare under this, or am I going to lose my Medicare under that?' It's very complicated." -Soledad O'Brien


"Last night, I loved Clint Eastwood. I love his movies. But, as a Republican, I was watching that and I was thinking, my lord, what are you saying? You're talking to an empty chair? I had to watch this again last night, because I thought, maybe I missed this the first time around. Yes, was his comedic value...did some folks find it interesting in the hall? They did. I just think it stepped on the message." -Ron Christie


"We, as a party, need to do better to be more inclusive. Because, if you have this impression and there are people who have this impression out there, I think that's something we need to work on better. We need to do a better job of including more ethnic minorities." -Ron Christie


"You know, Mormonism can't be accused of being anti-sex. I mean, they loved it so much they, you know, had more than one wife." -Walter Kirn

"I don't think because Mitt Romney comes from a religion that people consider "fringe," there is any danger of him assuming that we're going to agree with Mormonism, and starting to sort of enact it on a large scale. I think he's going to keep it, as president, about as quiet as he's kept it as a candidate." -Walter Kirn

"You don't have to not vote for Mitt Romney because of this, but I think people should know about this idea that the head of the church is not just the head of the church like the pope, he's a "revelator." He talks to God directly, and God tells him sh**" -Bill Maher

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