Episode 254

June 29, 2012



"The problem with the healthcare bill wasn't socialism, it's capitalism." -Bill Maher

"Congress took over and the first thing they did was try to defund women's healthcare and, NPR and the national parks, because I guess there's abortions on 'Car Talk' in Yosemite or something." -Lizz Winstead

"I'm fascinated that the uterus is the only non-vital organ that society has sort of deemed, if you have one, obviously, you want to use it; it's intrinsic." -Lizz Winstead

On Washington Corruption:

"The people who have to decide to take the money out of politics are the very members of Congress who are benefiting from the money." -Jack Abramoff

"We need to change the system and not rely on one person. We're not going to get a savior here." -Jack Abramoff

On the SCOTUS Health Care Ruling:

"The Tea Party is furious. They say this is a slippery slope to dental care." -Bill Maher

"You want strength, especially from your president. And this was a validation of strength." -Gavin Newsom

"I think that there is also another campaign that's going to start right now. And it's the campaign for what's been called "single-payer"...It's ‘Medicare for all.'" -Amy Goodman

"The cost controls in the affordable healthcare act are not very strong...they were there. They were demogogued by the Republicans as 'death panels.'" -Fareed Zakaria

"We have to change the language in the discussion, because people are suffering all over this country. And it's true before the Affordable Care Act and it's true with it. It's got to go much further." -Amy Goodman

On SCOTUS' Immigration Ruling:

"[The Supreme Court] did rule that the police could consider you 'suspicious' down there if you have significant difficulty communicating in English. Who knew George Bush was an alien?" -Bill Maher

"Sometimes, [Scalia] makes statements that are so political, I think, why don't you just run for office?" -Bill Maher

"The federal government has always had the ability to selectively enforce laws; they do it with tax policy." -Fareed Zakaria

"In Arizona, [Scalia] says that the state should have the right to ban immigrants, the state should have the right to ban undocumented people. But, in Montana, the state does not have the right to ban undocumented money." -Amy Goodman

On Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood:

"I think Muslim leaders when they talk to the West, they lie. Arafat used to do it. They just don't speak the truth. They say what we want to hear." -Bill Maher

"If this guy had absolute power in Egypt, I think it would be very bad news. But, he doesn't have absolute power." -Fareed Zakaria

"We spent $50 billion over 30 years propping up Mubarak. You know what we got in return? We got a country where one-third of the men are illiterate, cannot read or write, where 56% of women cannot read or write, are completely illiterate." -Gavin Newsom

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