Episode 252

June 15, 2012



"Obama announced that he is bypassing Congress -- that alone should get applause." -Bill Maher

"Mitt Romney jumped all over this today. He said, 'Obama is ignoring the real issues with illegals...which is that they keep blowing the grass clippings into my pool.'" -Bill Maher

"There's a new poll that says more young Americans now doubt the existence of God than ever before. Five years ago, it was one in six. Now, it's one in three! I'm going to take most of the credit for this." -Bill Maher

"The Republicans accused Obama of using Ground Zero for political gain. And Mayor Bloomberg accused him of having too big a Pepsi." -Bill Maher

"If they made voting mandatory and they got rid of the filibuster, this would be an entirely different country." -Bill Maher

On Europe:

"The likelihood of things working is not very good." -Joseph Stiglitz

"We don't really know the extent to which our banks are interlinked with the European banks." -Joseph Stiglitz

On the Economy:

"This is how the Republicans seem to run for president...they cause the problem and then they come back the next day as the exterminator." -Bill Maher

"One of the lessons we teach in economics is, 'that which is not sustainable won't be sustained.' Very deep." -Joseph Stiglitz

"I hear this all the time: 'Obama's policies aren't working.' He hasn't been allowed to put his policies into place." -Bill Maher

On Elections:

"Any time a campaign loses, you hear all sorts of excuses ranging from 'the candidate was bad,' 'the strategist was bad,' 'the weather wasn't good and people didn't turn out for us.' And I think a lot of that is just excuses." -Kristen Soltis

"The amount of money being spent and the amount of Democratic voters that are going to be disenfranchised, that is going to contribute quite heavily to what happens in this election." -Karen Finney

"Obama has had more fundraisers than the last six presidents combined. And he's still losing in the money race!" -Bill Maher

"I don't know what you have to do to be an energy advisor to Mitt Romney. I think you just have to say, 'Fracking is amazing!' And, 'Global warming is a hoax.'" -Bill Maher

On Citizens United:

"If money is speech, then I get to use my money to say I don't agree with you writing that big of a check, and I'm not going to buy your products. But, that argument seems to get lost on the Republicans." -Karen Finney

"Citizens United only allowed corporations directly to speak, not to create these anonymous entities. That's created by a different case." -David Frum

"What we have done is created this whole alternative, candidate-centered system of finance with a whole series of laws. And each reform that makes it worse, because each reform is another dose of the poison. And the poison is our dislike and distrust of the parties." -David Frum

"There is going to be diminishing returns, though. I mean, at a certain point, the difference between airing your ad a million times and two million times and three million times, it eventually just all kind of becomes noise." -Kristen Soltis

"There's nothing more powerful than a knock on the door. What has happened in our politics is we have substituted capital for labor." -David Frum

On Bush 41:

"There is a sort of nostalgia among liberals now for George Bush, the first." -Bill Maher

"What has really changed over the past three years is...there's been this institutional attack. And George Bush and Ronald Reagan, above all, were institutionalists." -David Frum

"Jeb Bush...could be something better than president. He could be a real national leader." -David Frum

"John McCain did not invent the "bimbo" running mate. George Bush, the first, did." -Bill Maher

On "Boomerology":

"The Boomers, they've got to grab that Social Security money, and whatever they put in, take it back faster than a Kardashian wedding gift." -Alan Thicke

"I think there's a sense of entitlement, that we are entitled to something...whatever was left over from our kids' tuition and rehab was supposed to go for my hip replacement." -Alan Thicke

"The problem with sex as a senior, is not so much getting it up; it's getting it down again, thank you." -Alan Thicke

On Canada:

"Canadians have healthcare. We have legal weed...We have same-sex marriage. Canadians now have everything except the Stanley Cup." -Alan Thicke

On Kids These Days:

"I would be a good commencement speaker. But, f**k them, they don't want me." -Bill Maher

"Millennials actually are a good generation. Studies show that young people these days are more committed to community service than any other generation." -Kristen Soltis

"This is first generation...that is going to end up poorer and probably less educated than their parents. It doesn't seem so much to ask that commencement speakers refrain from insulting them." -David Frum

"We are in a society now that can become famous for being famous. We are in the reality television, where 54% can get rich. It's the 'Snooki-fication' of our society." -Alan Thicke

"The fact that we can't provide [kids] with opportunities so they don't have to return to their parents' houses...that's not their failure. That's the failure of the grownups." -David Frum

"I think they're smart enough to know that when you've got the kind of income disparity that Joseph Stiglitz is talking about, giving more at the top is not going to trickle down. [Young people] are smart enough to know that." -Karen Finney

On Luck and Success:

"Starting rich is lucky; staying rich is Romney." -Alan Thicke

"It's a fluke what makes you rich in America." -Bill Maher

"It's also true that the more you believe that luck determines your success, the less successful you are going to be." -David Frum

"At the starting gate, you need to believe it's up to you. Because, if you don't believe that, then you're doomed before the game begins." -David Frum

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