Episode 246

April 27, 2012



"You can't worship Ronald Reagan and then attack Obama for being a celebrity. That's like running Chris Christie and saying Obama has a fat a**." -Bill Maher

"[Obama] goes and he dances with Ellen DeGeneres, and he takes time after that to kill Osama bin Laden and save General Motors." -Paul Begala

"Look at the Kony thing. They were all about killing Kony. And then 'The Hunger Games' came out, and they went, 'F**k it, I'm at the mall.'" -Bill Maher

"Barack Obama was born of a single mother on food stamps, and he became the first black president of the 'Racist States of America.'" -Bill Maher

On Student Loans and College:

"A lot of kids are basically starting off life with a mortgage. That's what a student loan debt is; it's like you have a mortgage but you don't even have a house." -Bill Maher

"Students want to be self-reliant. They can't wait to grow up and be on their own. And we're not giving them that opportunity." -S.E. Cupp

"[Romney] cut funding for his state's universities, and costs went up for the kids. He screwed the schools and the kids at the same time." -Paul Begala

On Veterans and Our Wars:

"We've got a 17% unemployment rate. We've got a skyrocketing suicide rate. And these folks are not just a charity; they're an investment. I think when our country is in a tough spot like they are right now, they're the folks who we should be investing in. They're the ones we should double down on." -Paul Rieckhoff

"Last month, we lost 28 active-duty soldiers to suicide. That was twice the month prior, and it's more than we're losing in combat. So, we've got step up and understand war doesn't end when you pull the plug overseas." -Paul Rieckhoff

"I would certainly rather hire a veteran than some tattooed loser with a bolt through his eyebrow who can't even get my order at Starbucks right." -Bill Maher

"We sent an army to war, not a nation to war." -Paul Begala

On the American Dream:

"You're getting at the larger upward-mobility problem in this country...You can still become Steve Jobs...The problem is not everybody can become that in the way that they could have...two-three decades ago." -Andrew Ross Sorkin

On Britain's Double-Dip Recession:

"In England, they announced that they are now in a double-dip recession because of austerity measures, because of the kind of exact thing that the Republicans are proposing." -Bill Maher

"We have all become, effectively, heroin addicts, and there is a withdrawal symptom when you move towards austerity." -Andrew Ross Sorkin

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