Episode 245

April 20, 2012



"This is the day that supposedly politically-aware teenagers are blanketing cities with anti-Kony posters. Also the day where non-politically-aware teenagers are going, 'Oh, look, Tracy Morgan has a new movie!'" -Bill Maher

"That Secret Service agent thought that he was paying $30, and it turned out the prostitute wanted $800. Which sounds like a lot, but in her defense, she said she is paying a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney." -Bill Maher

"Newt Gingrich is still receiving Secret Service protection. What are they protecting him from? Reality?" -Bill Maher

On Obama vs. Romney and Likeability:

"Maybe Obama would be a better neighbor...He'd take in the newspaper for you. He may roll the dumpster down for the trash. He might offer to walk the dog and not eat it, and not tie it to the roof. But, we're not electing a neighbor." -Todd Buchholz

"I think likeability does matter. But, the economy matters a lot, too. And whether it's Obama's fault or not, the economy is still incredibly weak." -Chrystia Freeland

"[Obama] was elected because he had a stock market crash...Obama is an extremely unusual president in all sorts of ways...he's our first and only black president...he's also from Chicago...he was a professor..." -Thomas Frank

On the "Dignity of Work" And the Gender Gap:

"One party is anti-woman and one isn't." -Bill Maher

"Women trust Obama more, and it's partly for the economic reasons. But, I think the most damaging legacy of the primaries is going to be Rick Santorum and sort of the return to a medieval attitude towards contraception." -Chrystia Freeland

"When you think about a poor, single mother on food stamps, it's hard to think of Ann Romney as the casualty in the 'war on women.'" -Bill Maher

On "Bad Religion:"

"What are we if we're no longer a traditionally Christian nation, but also not yet a nation of Bill Mahers? And my answer is that...we are a nation of heretics." -Ross Douthat

"Someone once said, to have a normal person commit a horrible act almost never happens without religion." -Bill Maher

On the Buffett Rule:

"[The Buffett Rule] failed in the Senate...another one that failed, got 51 votes. That used to win in the Senate...Now, you need 60, I forget why; something about a black president." -Bill Maher

"Ask your financial advisor if capital gains is right for you." -Bill Maher

"The problem with the Buffett Rule is that it's a song-and-dance maneuver for liberals that avoids...the point of taxation is for everyone to pay to fund the government." -Ross Douthat

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