Episode 244

April 13, 2012



"It's Friday the 13th! Remember, if a black cat crosses your path, it is bad luck. Except in Florida, where you're allowed to shoot it." -Bill Maher

"George Zimmerman finally got arrested...which sends an important message in America about justice: if you shoot an unarmed teenager, sometime in the next 46 days, we will take you in! See, in Florida, they arrest you alphabetically." -Bill Maher

"What they ought to do is rename the Buffett rule the Reagan rule. Let everyone pay their fair share of taxes." -Davd Stockman

On the Trayvon Martin Case:

"As difficult as it was to get to the point of arrest and the charging of Zimmerman, that's the easy part. The hard part is yet to be done." -Tavis Smiley

"I wish that the president had been more aggressive on this issue. He's had Gabby Giffords case...This Democratic administration should have been more aggressive on guns." -Tavis Smiley

On Welfare and Poverty:

"It says something about a nation that allows its women and children, oftentimes its most weak and vulnerable, to fall into poverty faster than anyone else." -Tavis Smiley

"'Obamacare,' which, just by virtue of expanding Medicaid to the degree it does, is probably the best thing that has happened for poor people since the 'War on Poverty' in the sixties." -Bill Maher

On the Gender Gap:

"I think [Romney's] pandered himself into a corner. But, unfortunately, he's trying to get the nomination of a party one-third of which didn't get the memo that the 19th century ended several decades ago." -David Stockman

"Mitt is winning men. So, he can win the election by focusing on the economic issues." -Matthew Continetti

"It didn't hurt when Obama said, 'Ladies, the pill is on me.'" -Bill Maher

"The Republican Party was always pro-choice before 1980. And it's now been hijacked by a very small, noise, vocal, backward minority of the population." -David Stockman

On the Paul Ryan Budget and Taxes:

"[Ryan's] a deficit hawk, but he finds absolutely no bloat in the Defense Department. This is like being a health inspector and finding nothing wrong with the Asian store that has the chicken hanging in the window." -Bill Maher

"The Ryan plan isn't a budget. It's the last will and testimony of the Republican Party if they continue to advocate these policies." -David Stockman

On the Rise of Living Alone:

"I would say this is the biggest social change of the last 50 or 60 years that we have failed to name or identify...in 1950, there were 4 million Americans living alone...Today, 33 million Americans are single and living alone." -Eric Klinenberg

"So many successful people are not married and never chose to be married: Oprah, the pope...me." -Bill Maher

On Obama's "War On Pot:"

"I just don't know what is in it for Obama. What does he not get about the people who are for you busting marijuana clubs are not going to vote for you anyway." -Bill Maher

"Obama is on pace to actually conduct more raids against medical marijuana dispensaries than George W. Bush." -Matthew Continetti

"The campaigns to legalize marijuana, which really would go to the heart of the problem with the 'war on drugs,' which is making criminals rich, has been opposed by those who run the legalized marijuana clinics because they don't want the broader legalization" -Kim Campbell

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