Episode 242

March 23, 2012



"In Arizona now, a state legislature wants a law where, if a woman wants an abortion, first she has to watch another woman get an abortion...They keep one-upping each other on what you have to do. By the end of the year, if you want an abortion, first you must defeat the World Wrestling star The Undertaker." -Bill Maher

"Student loan debt has now passed one trillion dollars. Isn't that depressing? But, don't worry, kids. There are a lot of jobs in the growing field of 'abortion shaming.'" -Bill Maher

On Trayvon Martin and Hate Crimes:

"I don't think it ends in riots...I actually believe that the world has moved to a different place, that we are now able to expend our energy and express ourselves on social media, and organize ourselves in a way that kind of diffuses what used to be spontaneous and into the street." -Charles M. Blow

"Part of the column I wrote last week...is about the burden that young black men feel in this country. And, it is a very heavy weight on their shoulders all the time. Because you cannot behave like all of the rest of your friends." -Charles M. Blow

"What should he [Trayvon] have been wearing? Capri pants?" -Bill Maher

"There are no 'come shoot me' clothes." -Charles M. Blow

"Some people think a hate crime is a thought crime, and there shouldn't be some separate category; a crime is a crime; it's an action." -Bill Maher

"I think that the inclination to hate is destructive, particularly in a civil society that pretends or tries or aims to be one that wants to achieve equality, and erase any kind of prejudices against difference. If you have an inclination to hate, that causes destruction." -Wendy Schiller

"The right of a bigot to walk down the street is the same as the right of a drag queen to walk down the street. You attack it for one group, every group will suffer." -Andrew Sullivan

On Killing U.S. Citizens:

"I actually agree with killing Anwar al-Awlaki, but...it's kind of disturbing that the president can kill an American citizen just on his say-so." -Bill Maher

"The problem becomes when the government simply accuses people and the president simply decrees somebody guilty; doesn't have to present evidence, doesn't have to prove it in a court, doesn't give the person an opportunity to rebut it, when their life is at stake, when the president is ordering them killed. That's the real problem." -Glenn Greenwald

"It doesn't even matter if he's American or not. If we're a nation that stands on law -- you are charged with a crime; you are tried; you are sentenced..." -Wendy Schiller

On 'Portlandia' and the Liberal Bubble:

"It's just such a liberal place...that you just have this amazing life where everyone is on bicycles and driving a Prius and -- and it's kind of nice. So, that's why it's always a shock to see, you know, Republican pundits on TV. You just get so shocked because your whole life is just everything feeling so good." -Fred Armisen

"There's a lot of places like that...They're kind of like assisted living for aging hippie town." -Bill Maher

On the GOP, Mitt Romney and Flip-Flopping:

"I think that Republicans have now gone through their five stages of grief. Denial: Herman Cain. Bargaining: Rick Perry. Anger: Newt Gingrich. Depression: Rick Santorum. And finally, Acceptance: Mitt Romney is your man." -Bill Maher

"There are strippers at the Spearmint Rhino who are not as flexible as Mitt Romney." -Bill Maher

"The problem is that Mitt Romney is already perceived to be somebody who is just extra sort of 'belief free.'" -Glenn Greenwald

On American Catholicism:

"Rick Santorum, who is more Catholic than the Pope loses every election among Catholics to Mitt Romney." -Bill Maher

"Because, American Catholics are fine with modernity. We didn't buy the 1968 Encyclical against the pill. Most Catholics -- they're the second-highest ethnic group who is pro-gay rights. We're cool." -Andrew Sullivan

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