Episode 237

February 10, 2012



"Between that [Prop. 8] and Madonna at the Super Bowl, pretty good week for gay people." -Bill Maher

"Rick Santorum beat Mitt Romney in three states on Tuesday. Got a huge amount of fundraising. That's the good news for Rick Santorum. The bad news: people are now Googling 'Santorum.'" -Bill Maher

"Santorum is against birth control for women. He is against ordaining women as priests. He thinks two women kissing is immoral. See, this is the difference between me and Rick Santorum. Neither one of us got a lot of dates in high school. I just didn't spend the rest of my life taking it out on women." -Bill Maher

On Iran and the Wars:

"Iran is still a little ways away from actually developing a bomb. They say they don't want one. And I think there's a good chance that actually what they really want to do is have the capability to make one, but have not yet decided to actually make it." -Peter Galbraith

"Would that be the worst thing if we couldn't have two wars going? What if we just had one war going? What if we were a one-war country?" -Bill Maher

On the GOP Race:

"I think that we're getting to the point now that it doesn't matter if Santorum or whatever flavor of the month wins or not, because with any flavor, the more you keep stirring it, it changes the taste. The party is becoming so distasteful." -Rev. Al Sharpton

"Newt Gingrich is the candidate of resentment. He also is kind of tapping into a lot of this anger that you see among Southern, white men." -Reihan Salam

"Santorum would be a fine mind for the 13th century. And it's kind of right...It's natural. It's the kind of Catholic, absolutist view of the world of several centuries ago." -Zanny Minton Beddoes

On the Culture Wars and Contraceptives:

"How is it about freedom if you're telling people what to do with their private lives, if you're telling people how to conduct their sexuality, you're telling people whether they should have contraception? What kind of freedom?" -Rev. Al Sharpton

On Obama's decision to require free contraceptive coverage: "I actually think this was intended to stir up the culture wars. And I think it was also meant to get the donors, folks who are socially liberal, a lot of female independents for whom this is a very big voting issue, to come out in force." -Reihan Salam

"That is not fighting for freedom. That means I'm going to impose my religious belief on you whether you believe in it or not." -Rev. Al Sharpton

"If men could pregnant...we wouldn't be having this discussion." -Bill Maher

On Prop. 8 and Gay Marriage:

"I think there would be a lot more resolution on this issue if at least one state voted for it in a referendum." -Mo Rocca

"You have tyranny by the majority. You cannot have rights voted on." -Rev. Al Sharpton

On the Auto Bailouts:

"If you have a company that's failing, you give it a $50 billion gift, then you give it a $20 billion tax break on top of that, it's going to make the balance sheet look a lot better." -Reihan Salam

"If you'd put these companies in Chapter 11, they wouldn't have had any access to financing and they would have been liquidated. That would have meant hundreds of thousands of job losses throughout the Midwest" -Zanny Minton Beddoes

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