Episode 234

January 20, 2012



"I mean, I'm not saying the captain should go down with the boat, but at least get wet!" -Bill Maher

"What else can you say about a Republican debate where the rich guy who is avoiding taxes -- what they like -- gets booed, and the fat creep into three-ways gets a standing ovation?" -Bill Maher

"He's a "true mannequin" of the people, Mitt Romney." -Bill Maher

"Let's ask the wealthiest people in this country to start paying their fair share of taxes. Let's do away with the corporate loopholes." -Sen. Bernie Sanders

On the Republican Race:

"The delusional fringe has come in from the margin and runs the party." -Bill Moyers

"I don't think Republicans see a president in the field. And I think a lot of people are going to vote for Newt, just to keep the race alive." -Buddy Roemer

"They never talk about the issue in this campaign. It's about jobs and corruption, and they never quite get around to it. Mitt Romney is the "One Percent." And Newt Gingrich is their lobbyist. So, it's no difference between the two." -Buddy Roemer

"Here's the one thing that trumps money: debates. Debates are free...The debates exposed Rick Perry as an idiot, and they made Newt Gingrich viable." -Bill Maher

"We have 50 million people without any health insurance. We're the only country -- major country -- on earth, that does not guarantee healthcare to every man, woman and child as a right. You know what their solution is? Cut Medicare, cut Medicaid." -Sen. Bernie Sanders

On Romney:

"I think the reason why people cannot warm up to him is...he seems inauthentic, because he keeps moving his positions around, and because he is in the one-percent, and he seems untouchable, and he tries to be a person of the people." -Jennifer Granholm

"He might be what's wrong with America...I wonder if he relates to people who are hanging on by their fingernails. I wonder if he relates to 20 million Americans who don't have any work at all...I wonder if he knows what's happening in America." -Buddy Roemer

"You cannot equate making money for your investors with making jobs in America. And I think that's the big problem." -Jennifer Granholm


"I call it "Caucasian looting." And just because you're sitting at your computer in your pajama bottoms, doesn't mean you're not stealing." -Bill Maher

"The two guys in a garage somewhere right now who are building the next Facebook, this could destroy them." -Matt Lewis

"They need to deal with this, I think, with a scalpel and not with an axe." -Jennifer Granholm

On the Keystone Pipeline:

"The president...did the right thing, but it was a brave thing because he had to take on the muscle of the oil industry." -Bill Moyers

"It was because Obama had people power behind him that he could do the right thing...A progressive president -- no president can do something positive unless he has people at his back." -Bill Moyers

On Citizens United & Special Interest Money:

"These parties are the same in one respect: they're addicted to special-interest money. You know it and I know it." -Buddy Roemer

"I think we can come together as a nation in saying that it is a little bit insane in our so-called democracy that a handful of billionaires and corporations can pump hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process and heavily influence elections." -Sen. Bernie Sanders

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