Episode 232

November 11, 2011



What is with this party? Rick Perry forgets his own talking points. Herman Cain forgets every woman he ever groped. Mitt Romney forgets he used to be for everything he is now against. They don't need debates. They need gingko biloba. - Bill Maher

This might be the week we mark when the American people finally caught on to who's fucking them. - Bill Maher

This is one reason why America is in the crapper: because everybody wants to be in the show and no one wants to be in the audience. - Bill Maher

Sarah Palin was right in that we do have "death panels" in our legislation. But, they're for large financial institutions that get into trouble, not the healthcare. - Barney Frank

On the GOP Field:

On Newt Gingrich: If I'm going to have somebody opposing same-sex marriage and being the defender of heterosexual marriage, who better than Newt, who has done it more often than anybody else? - Barney Frank

On Mitt Romney: He tells us he is not a politician, and he runs for office as a non-politician. And he has been campaigning for public office since 1994, as a non-politician. The main reason he is a non-politician is that he loses more than he wins. - Barney Frank

On Conservatism:

I think of conservatism as a media-industrial complex. Everything in conservatism now is about talk radio, Fox News, the book industry, the money to be made. Who comes out of that? You have entertainers. You have motivational speakers. You have people who are supposed to be provocative and extreme. - Andrew Sullivan

On Rick Perry’s Debate Gaffe:

The big gaffe, to me, is that he wants to get rid of the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy. Has he ever learned what these departments do? - Bill Maher

The Department of Energy is who takes care of our nukes. Who should do that, Rick? Volunteers? - Bill Maher

On Education:

The record of education policy in this country is risible. It's hideous. The Department of Education was a company producing goods, it would have been fired years ago. That's the problem. - Andrew Sullivan

Back during World War II, when the budget guy came to [Churchill] and said, "We've got to cut the budget for the arts," and he's fighting the Nazis. You know what he said to that guy? "What are we fighting for?" - Chris Matthews

There are a whole lot of kids out there who are just absolutely left out. And if we bring science-technology education to them, then we can grow the whole pot rather than criticizing a piece of it. - Rep. Keith Ellison

On Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Scandal:

Herman Cain talked about, you know, "another high-tech lynching." That's better than a low-tech lynching. - Bill Maher

On accusations of sexual harassment: You know, one, maybe not; two, it's getting bad; three, I think he probably did it. - Rep. Keith Ellison

You're talking about it as if it's gossip. He assaulted people. - Andrew Sullivan

He has no guilt. And they love him for it, because the right wing in this country hates apologies. - Chris Matthews

On the Penn State Scandal:

How could something like this happen outside the Catholic Church? - Bill Maher

It does speak to a deeper problem with, like, hero worship in our country, that, you know, we just sort of set the moral rules aside when somebody has enough celebrity. - Rep. Keith Ellison

Joe Paterno was the head of a cult. The first thing you ever know about a cult is that someone is going to get buggered. - Andrew Sullivan

You never ask a system to teach you values. Because the values of the system is always cover up to make the system successful. - Chris Matthews

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