Episode 230

October 28, 2011



I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday: young people going door to door, begging. It's good practice for when their student loans come due. - Bill Maher

Is there any problem in America that can't be solved by giving rich people more money? - Bill Maher

On Raising Taxes:

I mean, Reagan did it, but that's why we were in a giant debt after Reagan. Clinton raised taxes, and that's why we had a surplus. It's not that hard. - Bill Maher

The five years before Reagan cut taxes, 1983 his tax cut took effect, those five years, we created four million jobs in America. In the five years following, we created 14.7 million jobs. - Grover Norquist

What happened this last year? The Republicans went to the president and said, "No tax increases." We got $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. That's the way you do it. - Grover Norquist

On Iraq:

The reason why Obama is pulling out of Iraq is because, under Bush, it became the law. It was called the Status of Forces Agreement, which said, by December 31st, 2011, we have to be, lock, stock and tomahawk, all out of Iraq. - Bill Maher

It's hollow for Republican campaigners now, to be attacking President Obama for any kind of failure. Because, the end of this war was set in stone and dictated by the Bush Administration in the dying months of its tenure. - Michael Ware

Two things happened when George Bush invaded Iraq. One, he brought Al Qaeda to Iraq, where it didn't exist. Two, he handed the country to Iran. - Michael Ware

On Killing Gadhafi And Libya:

The very notion of assassination, murder, killing, execution somehow creating the conditions for the possibility of a future society, is just bankrupt. It's just going to reinforce the same cycle of bigotry. - Cornel West

When the United States leads from behind, that's not the right way to do this. - Ron Christie

On Iran:

In the last years of the war in Iraq, Iran was killing more American soldiers than Al Qaeda and the Sunni insurgency combined...They were the ones sending the missiles into the Green Zone at the U.S. embassy. - Michael Ware

When the Bush Administration sent its tanks north over the Kuwaiti border and invaded Iraq, what they did not realize for five long years and 3,500-4,000 combat deaths later, was that at the same time, Iran launched its own invasion. The only difference is, they won. - Michael Ware

On Occupy Wall Street:

They're not fighting fair in the way they will lose, by going to Washington and getting a lobbyist. They're in the streets... is it so wrong to try the other tactic where you might be able to win? - Bill Maher

The movement is saying, look, it's not that we have slaveholders; we have slavery. Not that we hate kings like George III; we hate monarchies. Not that we hate oligarchs on Wall Street; we hate oligarchy. And if we don't have an American revolution in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rabbi Abraham, Joshua Heschel and others, we're not going to have an America. - Cornel West

We're not going to have an America where we pit Americans against class. - Ron Christie

Corporate greed is not demonizing rich people, not at all. We want accountability for rich people. We want democratic accountability for those at the top. - Cornel West

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