Episode 229

October 21, 2011



So far, Obama killed Somali pirates. He killed Bin Laden. He killed al-Awlaki. Now he's killed Kadafi. The only threat to our way of life now is from Bank of America. - Bill Maher

The end of the war in Libya is very good news for Obama, and good news for Michele Bachmann. Now she doesn't have to find out where it is. - Bill Maher

Michele Bachmann said she wanted two fences. She didn't just want to fry the Mexicans. She wants to re-fry the Mexicans. - Bill Maher

Republicans always talk about "American exceptionalism"...when I think of exceptionalism, what I think of what's exceptional about us is that we are the only industrialized western nation that doesn't have healthcare for all its citizens. That's exceptional. - Bill Maher

On The Environment and the EPA:

We're at a place where EPA and the environment have become a political issue. And two-and-a-half years, almost three, into this job, I'm still surprised by it. - Lisa Jackson

Breathing did not used to be controversial. - Bill Maher

My air can't be clean if their air isn't clean. That big "their" out there, they need clean air so I can breathe as well. - Lisa Jackson

There is no choice between a clean environment and a healthy economy. There is no one economist out there who blames our current crisis or any economic crisis on environmental protection. - Lisa Jackson

On Iraq and Libya:

Finally, we're going to leave Iraq to the people we fought the Iraq War for: Halliburton. - Bill Maher

I think that there's going to be a great political backlash that happens, more like political whiplash, when all of the Republican candidates have to stand up at the next debate and say that their big idea, their big criticism of Obama on foreign policy is that they think the Iraq war should be longer! - Rachel Maddow

It cost us a trillion dollars to Saddam, and a billion dollars to get Kadafi. - Bill Maher

Mitt Romney has had five positions on Libya. By comparison, Obama has not only been successful, but he's been a model of consistency in foreign policy on Libya. - Josh Green

It's our technology. It's been our intelligence. We've been leading this whole thing. And the idea that Obama has just been sort of in the backseat and letting the Germans and the French do this is ludicrous - Thomas Friedman

If Bush were still in office, he'd have one of those teardrop tattoos like you get for killing guys. - Josh Green

The big thing that has happened here, is that the 9/11 era has ended. I mean, not just because Bin Laden is dead, but because Iraq is over, and we will never, as a country, ever elect anybody to be president ever again who has a cockamamie, radical idea that war can be a constructive force, that war can be a way - a creative thing by which you reshape the war in your image. - Rachel Maddow

On Student Debt and the College Bubble:

That's what a college loan is: It's almost like having a mortgage. So, you start out life in debt. Of course. And, you can't afford an apartment. The average graduate student starts $24,000 in the hole. - Bill Maher

A case could be made that you're just buying a consumer product when you buy a diploma. I don't know if it's worth it anymore. - Bill Maher

If we turn this generation into debt slaves, what hope is there for the next generation? - Thomas Friedman

On Racism:

Racism today is often very complex. It's like fog, right? I can see it; I know it's there; I can't grab it and show it to you. - Touré

On Herman Cain:

He's still giving paid speeches. He's making a ton of money. He's a national celebrity now. - Josh Green

It's "9-9-9." He's running for the Republican nomination. It rhymes with "Mine-mine-mine." - Bill Maher

Is "authentic" and "anti-intellectual" the same thing? Has it become the same thing? - Rachel Maddow

On Occupy Wall Street:

This is the only other way to get power when the other side has all the lobbyists and all the suits. - Bill Maher

Demonstrations are not designed to make people like the people who are demonstrating. Demonstrations are designed to be inconvenient. - Rachel Maddow

That is what's really admirable, the depth of their commitment to the cause. "We live here; we live this thing every day. It's inconvenient for you, Wall Street, inconvenient for us as well." - Touré

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