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In todays Republican Party, theres a term for people who hate charity and love killing: Christian.  Bill Maher

Theres a big fight within the Republican Party because of Rick Perrys decision down in Texas to give girls the HPV vaccine, which the right wing hates because its a mandate! Republicans hate the word mandate almost as much as they hate an actual man date.  Bill Maher

We elected a Democratic president; we dont really get Democratic policies.  Bill Maher

I dont know what you have to do to get to the right in this party. I think youd have to come out for slavery. I think that might be what Rick Perry means when he says, Putting people back to work.  Bill Maher

Trying to get todays Republican to accept basic facts is like trying to get your dog to take a pill. You have to feed them the truth wrapped in a piece of baloney, hold their snouts shut and stroke their throats. And even then, just when you think theyve swallowed it, they spit it out on the linoleum.  Bill Maher

I urge the media to start referring to climate skeptics as what they really are: climate assholes.  Bill Maher

On the GOP Candidates and the Debate:

I watched these eight clowns on the stage. At the end of it, I wanted to raise my hand and say I dont believe in evolution.  Bill Maher

I think its going to be Perry. I think its Perrys to lose, because Romney-care was developed in the same state that the Tea Party was developed.
 Jennifer Donahue

Theres been such a lack of leadership coming out Washington, that Republicans have moved so far to the right, they think its a base election year. They think they can run so far to the right that people will choose a law-and-order candidate who is proud of executing people. - Rich Galen

Its going to be Perry, its going to be Romney&Its sort of a battle for the soul of the Republican Party  and they have no soul, but the space where a soul would be.  Bill Maher

Rick Perry is the bad boy they dream about, but they wind up marrying Mitt Romney.  Bill Maher

The idea of negotiating with the President of the United States runs contrary to everything that the Republicans have done since January 20, 2009.  Keith Olbermann

On Healthcare:

Why is Mitt Romney not bragging: I covered all these people? Why cant the Democrats sell the idea, were trying to make you well? Is that such a hard sale?  Bill Maher

This is a very wealthy country. We have a lot of money. We have a lot of people who can do a lot of good. There is no reason that healthcare cant be provided for every single person that needs it.  Rich Galen

On Obama and jobs

Obama hasnt shown the leadership that has allowed the center to go towards him. Hes got his base now after the stimulus bill, after the latest jobs plan, but he doesnt have the center. The center is wide open.  Rich Galen

He kept saying, Pass this bill now, pass it, pass it, pass it! I thought I was at Woody Harrelsons house.  Bill Maher

I think Obama gets it. Dont use the word infrastructure, thats too big a word. People are stupid.  Bill Maher

This is like Bush 41 in 1991. We were coming out of a recession and Republicans wouldnt be seen with him. This is Obama not communicating the urgency of a double-dip recession that could be coming. And its him coming out too late with a plan.  Jennifer Donahue

On Palestinian statehood

Whats going to be hard for the United States is that our policy for a long time has been a two-state solution; the Palestinians should have their own state. Now, the Palestinians are going to the U.N. and saying, Were having the U.N. vote to say we have our own state. Well, if thats your policy, United States of America, why are you vetoing it? Which we will do.  Bill Maher

Episode 224

September 16, 2011

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