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These days big government spending is about as popular as Casey Anthony at a Chuck-E-Cheese. Bill Maher

What about the banks bailing out us this time? What about the banks lending the United States money, and then we say to them, Well pay you back when we get it? Bill Maher

Far from restraining people, religion is what gives people license to commit crazy acts. Bill Maher

John Boehner said the other day that the Democratic plan that was put forward is fake because it counts on saving money by ending our wars. Saving money by ending wars? Have you gone sane?! Bill Maher

On the Debt Ceiling:

This pissing contest that has been going on it seems like forever now has reached that awkward moment that a pissing contest reaches where everyone is out of piss and now theyre just standing there with their dick in their hand. Bill Maher

Congress has to stay there for the whole weekend&The Tea Party Republicans are especially pissed off at this. A lot of them had to cancel their Civil War re-enactments. Bill Maher

Both parties are sitting in a burning theater. Its crowded, its burning. Theyre doing nothing. We yelled fire, and now they call us irresponsible? Matt Kibbe

This is my problem with the Democrats: they constantly sign on to shit that isnt their idea. This is what Obama is doing now&I no longer understand this man. And I liked him and I voted for him. I just dont understand this man anymore. Bill Maher

I dont think he should have linked the debt ceiling fight with the budget fight to begin with. The debt ceiling fight is about the past, money weve already spent; the budget fight is about the future. Bill Maher

Whatever passes, hasnt Barack Obama signed his own death warrant as a candidate for 2012? Bill Maher

On the Tea Party:

Bill Clinton had a budget surplus. George Bush gave us the deficit, gave us the recession, gave us the deregulatory craziness that led us over the cliff. The Tea Party is the tail wagging the dog. It is the inmates running the asylum. It is people who dont know history, economics, politics, sociology, science. Eliot Spitzer

The reality is if the Tea Party hadnt come to town, the Senate would have had a few speeches on the floor and the debt limit would have been raised. Margaret Hoover

On America "Doing Big Things":

We can be compassionate, but the question, I think, is&who pays?...its upon us to be compassionate, and the government doesnt always have to foot the bill. Margaret Hoover

We could not put a man on the moon right now&we cannot get our energy policy passed. We cannot educate our kids. We cannot build infrastructure. We are now becoming a country that is falling behind because the only emphasis  and its manic  is cut taxes. Eliot Spitzer

On Taxes and Government Spending:

This idea in the Republican mind will not go away; that somehow the American economy is this chained beast. And if we only let off the chains&We let off the chains! Tax revenues are the lowest in 60 years. I think the beast is just spent. And were just poking it with a stick. Bill Maher

Republicans overspend. Democrats overspend. Thank goodness for the Tea Party. Matt Kibbe

Tax rates matter&They change behavior, and behavior undermines our ability to create jobs. It undermines peoples willingness to invest in the economy. If we punish creative production, we wont get any. Matt Kibbe

Lowering the marginal rates did nothing. We have a demand crisis. Eliot Spitzer

On Religion and Terrorism:

Im sure the media would have no trouble calling the guy at Fort Hood a Muslim terrorist. But they refuse to call Anders Breivik a Christian terrorist. Bill Maher

Christianity is perfectly capable of coming out of its dormant phase and once again becoming the violent, blood-lusty religion it was under the Crusades. Bill Maher

Its fanaticism that is the enemy. It is not religion. Fanaticism in any ideology, and lack of tolerance is when you get danger. Eliot Spitzer

Religion gives crazy a platform and justifies it. Thats the problem. Bill Maher

Episode 222

July 29, 2011