Episode 215

June 3, 2011



"Sarah Palin should not be on vacation. She should be in summer school." -Bill Maher

"I think anybody could be president in this dumb f**kin' country." -Bill Maher

"The economic news that came out this week, it wasn't all bad. It's just bad for growth, jobs, profits, home prices, food prices, mortgages, car sales, housing sales and consumer confidence. Other than that..." -Bill Maher

"Convenience is the greatest addiction. More than drugs, more than sex, more than anything." -Bill Maher

On "Weinergate":

"How many remember when ‘Boxers or briefs' was a question that politicians answered verbally?" -Bill Maher

"Bill Clinton didn't know his penis by name, but he could always put a face on it." -Bill Maher

"They know it is a Democrat's penis because it won't stand up. That they know. And also because it was sent to a woman." -Bill Maher

On Housing and Urban Development:

"The single biggest growing segment of the homeless population is families living in rural areas and suburban areas." -Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

"The average American family now spends 52 cents of every dollar they earn on housing and transportation combined." -Shaun Donovan

"There's no question that we're making progress. But, [May] wasn't the month we wanted." -Shaun Donovan

"We've been able to help about four million folks stay in their homes. We think there would have been twice as many foreclosures if we hadn't taken the steps that we did." -Shaun Donovan

"Having a home is a symbol of having money. Except some people didn't have any money. They had the symbol but no money." -Bill Maher

"We had a national housing policy that was only about home ownership. And we've got to have a more balanced housing policy where...it's okay for folks to live in rental housing." -Shaun Donovan

"We've got to make sure that we don't punish the victims in this crisis as well." -Shaun Donovan

On Political Rhetoric:

"I think we shouldn't be writing off Mitt Romney yet. To the extent that he's saying one thing that's simply not true, but saying it with a great deal of gusto, he actually could win this." -Melissa Harris-Perry

"The president is consistently responding to a Republican Party whose position has been ‘anything you say, we'll say the opposite.'" -Melissa Harris-Perry

"I think that people use rhetoric on both sides to make a point." -Rick Lazio

"Saying somebody is dumb is a lot different than saying [the President] is a bigger threat than the Nazis." -Bill Maher

"The point is, is that you don't really solve any problems on either side when you use language that sort of drives people down." -Rick Lazio

"I am a huge supporter of Barack Obama, but he tends to actually spend his political capital on sub-optimal outcomes right off." -Melissa Harris-Perry

On Morality & Mortality:

"If Mitch McConnell had to imagine taking his dying breath, what's he going to feel about what he did to this world? Because he's doing awful things." -Adam McKay

"We are in the unhappy place in this country where we have not one, but two politicians who are famous for cheating on their wives when the wives had cancer." -Bill Maher

"This is an active Justice Department that actually does things like seek justice." -Melissa Harris-Perry

On the Deficit:

"I've heard about the deficit for 50 years...what did the deficit do to you?" -Larry King

"In fairness, the deficit touched my wife's thigh at a party." -Adam McKay

"The average guy isn't sitting today in a diner going, ‘Oh, the deficit!'" -Larry King

"The notion that deficits are scary is like saying, ‘Don't take a student loan; it's better to just not get a college education.' It's ridiculous." -Melissa Harris-Perry

On Trade Tariffs:

"Trade tariffs are the biggest gaping hole in our country right now." -Adam McKay

"The reason why they're so low is because everything in the store is from China and people want nine-dollar jeans." -Bill Maher

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