Episode 214

May 20, 2011


On Men Behaving Badly:

"Mr. President, if you're really on the side of the oppressed, start with the cleaning ladies." -Bill Maher

"First the IMF guy and then Arnold Schwarzenegger. I walked into the kitchen this morning, and my housekeeper said, ‘Okay, I'll do windows.'" -Bill Maher

"No one can believe that Arnold kept this from Maria Shriver for over ten years, because that would involve acting." -Bill Maher

"This IMF guy, this Dominique Strauss-Kahn, spent the week in Rikers Island prison, which is a historic first for America: we put a banker in jail." -Bill Maher

"I want to stand up for America for a second. Usually, I'm the guy who hates America first, but, I have to say that the French are more rape-y than we are." -Bill Maher

"Listen, when there's a woman in a room, a man wants to have sex with her. Okay, that's basically the fundamental position of men relative to women." -Dylan Ratigan

"I do think that you have to make a distinction between rape and wildly promiscuous men." -Dylan Ratigan

On "Tiger Mothering":

"I'm not going to pretend I'm neutral on this issue. I'm with you." -Bill Maher, to "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua

"I think we don't do our kids a favor by praising them and giving them trophies when they haven't put in the effort... I don't think you're preparing them for the real world." -Amy Chua

"I feel like my book is about trying to strike the best balance in some ways, trying to incorporate the best of East and West in some ways." -Amy Chua

"Even as a kid, I was sort of aware of this concept that discipline is love." -Bill Maher

"I don't think it's about hitting, and I don't think it's about achievement, actually. You know, I actually think it's about just believing in your child." -Amy Chua

"China is looking to learn from the west...they want to teach their kids to be more independent and to have more creativity." -Amy Chua

"American parents, I think, probably reacted to what you were doing because they looked in the mirror and basically felt guilty." -Bill Maher, to Amy Chua

"There are different ways of being committed and engaged. And people have different values...But, it's about caring and kind of being invested... it's helping your kids realize their potential, whatever it is." -Amy Chua

On the GOP Presidential Field:

"Donald Trump said that he would like to save America from going down the tubes, but the guys from NBC called and it's much more important for him to watch Coolio run a lemonade stand." -Bill Maher

"We're in a race to the bottom." -Dylan Ratigan

"[Mike Huckabee] is the whole package. He's got the fiscal conservatism, he's evangelical, he's a good politician, as you say. It's just that, apparently, Jesus doesn't think he can win." -Reza Aslan

"It's pretty hard to not be laughed off when you've got Trump to compare yourself against." -Gillian Tett

"I was actually surprised that Newt so quickly backed off of the criticism of the Ryan plan, considering how worthy of criticism that it is." -Dylan Ratigan

"You cannot go off half-cocked and tell the truth." -Bill Maher

"The only way any health insurance plan for a country or a state could ever work: you have to have a mandate." -Bill Maher

"This entire rhetoric machine from the Republican Party is predicated on an abandonment of arithmetic and fact." -Dylan Ratigan

"I can accumulate power much easier in a world without arithmetic and fact because now I can just manipulate using fear." -Dylan Ratigan

On Socialism:

"Socialism doesn't mean we're going to come to your house and make you work on a collective farm...In Europe, socialism is just another political party." -Bill Maher

"I think socialism is really about recognizing that there are limits to what the market can do. The market is very useful; at times it works very well, but it doesn't always work." -Gillian Tett

On Israel:

"This article of faith of the right wing, that somehow Obama is anti-Israel, it's based on nothing. It's based on the fact that his middle name is Hussein." -Bill Maher

"This idea that a two-state solution is going to be based on the '67 borders...is the premise for every single peace negotiation since Oslo." -Reza Asla

"The Republicans in America are to the right of the Israeli population itself." -Bill Maher

"There is a hardcore, evangelical group in the United States who don't see this as a political issue. They see this as a religious issue. And, for them, it's all about making sure that Jesus comes." -Reza Aslan

On the Catholic Church's Investigation Into Sex Abuse:

"This is always a great idea, when you have industries investigate themselves. It worked so well with Japanese nuclear plants, Wall Street and offshore drilling." -Bill Maher

"What's amazing, frankly, is that I didn't think there was much that the Catholic Church could do to make the situation even worse. And it just has." -Gillian Tett

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