Billy Martin


Billy Martin is one of several executive producers and the only head writer at HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." Billy has been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards and nine Writers Guild Awards and still keeps renting a tux instead of just going ahead and buying one. What's up with that?

Wearing the hats of both a producer and a writer -- and they're actual hats, one a simple ball cap and the other a pretentious derby -- Billy arrives at the office early to get a jump on his work and to look at porn before the others arrive.

Billy's wife Lucy is a city councilmember in Calabasas, California who has kept her figure, and their two children, Jake and Molly, attend the University of California -- Santa Barbara and Point Park University, respectively.

Pets, Lucky, a poodle, and Toby, a Yorkshire terrier, have postponed college until they "find themselves."