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The November edition looks at why the youngest football players in the U.S. are often the least protected from catastrophic injury, examines the rise and fall of former U.S. soccer executive Chuck Blazer, and spotlights a Punjabi community in Canada that has cultivated a new audience of hockey fans.


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Ep. 236 Trailer (November 2016)

Cost of the Game

Real Sports looks at why the youngest football players in the U.S. -- those with the most vulnerable bodies and brains -- are often the least protected from catastrophic injury. 

Ep. 236 Trailer (November 2016)

The Witness

Chuck Blazer's former companion, Mary Lynn Blanks, tells the inside story of his rise and fall from the heights of FIFA. Plus, former FBI agent Richard Frankel details Blazer's flip to government informant.

Ep. 236 Trailer (November 2016)

Punjabi Hockey

Correspondent Andrea Kremer heads to Canada to meet with Harnarayan Singh and the rest of his broadcast team who have succeeded in cultivating a new audience of hockey fans with their Punjabi broadcast of NHL games. 

Ep. 229 full segment


In 2006, Donald Trump embarked on a mission to build one of the greatest luxury golf resorts in the world on the historic northeast coast of Scotland. The project sparked heated opposition from locals who believed the venture would spoil their pristine coastline.

George F. Peabody Award

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel was awarded its second prestigious George F. Peabody Award.

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