Ryan's Song

Buffalo Bills head coach, Rex Ryan has long been considered one of the most brash and colorful characters in all of the NFL. But now, as the larger-than-life Ryan moves on to his second job, will his coaching results finally match his bold words?

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Ep. 221 Overtime

Contrarian Coaches and the NFL

Real Sports extends the conversation on unconventional coaching techniques.

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Brother's Keeper Trailer

Former NFL players and brothers Ma'ake and Chris Kemoeatu explain a pivotal moment in their lives, when Chris was struggling with kidney failure and contemplated giving up on life.

4th and Go Trailer

High school football coach Kevin Kelley thinks he's found a better way to play football - never punt the ball.

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Ep. 220

Uncaged Full Segment

Real Sports investigates the subject of domestic violence in MMA.


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