July 22 at 10 PM

208: July 22, 2014


The Price of Glory

Producers: Josh Fine | Jake Rosenwasser

Correspondent: David Scott

A bribery scandal has rocked the 2022 Qatar World Cup, with the country accused of buying its way to the winning bid. A closer look at this mysterious Middle Eastern nation suggests the world shouldn't be surprised. In an extended segment, a new REAL SPORTS investigation shows how this tiny but fantastically wealthy country has in recent years conducted an obsessive campaign to achieve glory through sport at seemingly any cost, in dollars, ethics, rights and even human lives.

From Lausanne to Bulgaria, Nepal to Doha, new REAL SPORTS correspondent David Scott follows Qatar's international sports money trail, with foreign athletes paid to compete for Qatar telling their stories for the first time. The former head of Qatar's national track team breaks his silence. Anonymous third-world men imported to build Qatar's facilities speak from inside the squalid work camps where they live. The workers state that they will be allowed to return home only when their job is done, or when the conditions in which they work and live kill them - whichever comes first.

The Future of Golf

Producer: Nick Dolin

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the golf industry saw its popularity soar and business boom. Thanks in part to superstar Tiger Woods, young and old alike were drawn to the sport like never before, as evidenced by strong TV ratings, raucous crowds, a retail explosion, and most of all, a massive building boom that saw roughly 5,000 golf courses built over nearly two decades.

Most observers and industry executives agree that the bubble has officially burst, and the golf business is slowly dying. Over the last eight years, participation is down 20% nationwide and more courses have closed than opened in the U.S. annually. Industry leaders believe drastic measures are needed to ensure the future of the sport. Among the proposals are a 15-inch cup, versus the traditional four and one-quarter-inch hole, an entertaining driving range game called Top Golf, and Foot Golf, which is golf played on a regular course, but with a soccer ball. Host Bryant Gumbel speaks with industry leaders, including Jack Nicklaus, the most decorated golfer of all time, about the state of the sport and what needs to be done quickly to save it.

A League of Their Own

Producer: Beret Remak

Correspondent: Frank Deford

In 2011, REAL SPORTS correspondent Frank Deford introduced the world to the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team, a group of courageous men adjusting to a post-war life with the challenge of missing limbs. They set out to prove that despite their physical trials, they weren't as wounded as some might think, and formed a softball team that would only compete against able-bodied teams.

For the last three years, the team has traveled the country raising awareness of all wounded veterans, while inspiring those who witness their remarkable feats, especially children. At every game, kids with amputations or missing limbs serve as batboys and batgirls. Realizing the impact of the team on their own lives, those involved with it wanted to do the same for their young following and established an annual kids' softball camp. Each year, 20 children ages eight to 12 who have had an amputation or missing limb are selected to participate in the week-long, all-expenses-paid camp. Frank Deford attended this year's camp in Louisville, Ky., meeting kids and counselors, and experiencing the inspiring atmosphere first-hand.

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