June 24 at 10 PM

207: June 24, 2014


The Big Fix

Producers: Tim Walker | Josh Fine

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel

As the world focuses on soccer's biggest stage, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, REAL SPORTS' investigative team, led by host Bryant Gumbel, explores a global, match-fixing network that threatens the very legitimacy of the sport. At the center of the scandal are nearly 400 professional soccer games in Europe that are under suspicion of being fixed by players or referees who allegedly accepted money to influence the outcome of matches. Some of the matches occurred at high levels of the sport, such as Champions League contests in England and World Cup qualifying showdowns.

This elaborate, multi-continental network continues to stretch across oceans and soccer leagues. In preparing this report, REAL SPORTS traveled to: Italy, one of the cornerstones of the match-fixing scandal; the Far East, where many of the organized schemes are formed and funded; Berlin, to meet a convicted fixer who worked with an Asian syndicate to rig a World Cup qualifying match in 2009; and Lyon, France, where the lead investigator for Interpol attempts to track the worldwide fix.

Born Again

Producer: Jason Samuels

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg

There might not be a more notable fall from grace in baseball than Darryl Strawberry's decline from stardom to drug addiction and financial ruin. Now 52, he's still one of the most beloved New York baseball players ever, but when his best days on the diamond were behind him, his life took a turn for the worse. The four-time World Series champion battled drug addiction, served time in jail due to multiple arrests, lost all his career earnings and was diagnosed with colon cancer. Between doctors' dire predictions and his deep depression, he was all but given up for dead.

To the surprise of many, Strawberry has made a remarkable turnaround. Out of the spotlight, he's been sober for nearly a decade and his cancer is in remission. Leaving his baseball days in the past, the eight-time All Star is a happily married, ordained minister and the founder of a recovery center for sufferers of substance abuse. REAL SPORTS correspondent Bernard Goldberg travels to Strawberry's new home in St. Louis to discuss everything from the dark times to his extraordinary transformation.

Bring It On

Producer: Maggie Burbank

Correspondent: Andrea Kremer

NFL cheerleaders are regarded by some as among the most glamorous women in sports. But outside the limelight are numerous allegations of financial exploitation and mistreatment. Five NFL teams - the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders - are all currently defendants in employment-law related lawsuits. REAL SPORTS correspondent Andrea Kremer speaks with a host of ex-cheerleaders, including former Oakland Raiderette Lacy T., whose lawsuit against her employer spawned four additional suits against four other teams, and former Buffalo Jills, who accuse that team of subjecting them to humiliating body examinations and personal hygiene rules.


Producers: Nisreen Habbal | Tim Walker

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel

Host Bryant Gumbel revisits the interesting and often bizarre world of women's bodybuilding. Although it's virtually ignored by mainstream media, and offers significantly smaller financial incentives than those available to male counterparts, thousands of participants make a living from the sport, with many pushing boundaries to achieve the perfect physique. In an environment of obsessive workouts, round-the-clock fitness routines and even plastic surgery, performance enhancers often play a crucial and dangerous role in the physical development these women seek. For some in search of extra income, there's also "muscle worship," in which female bodybuilders allow male fans to massage and fetishize their bodies.

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