Apr. 22 at 10pm

205: April 22, 2014


Basketball Bedlam

Producer: Tim Walker

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg

It's the most unpredictable, freewheeling and politically incorrect studio sports show on TV. The studio portion of "NBA on TNT" had its genesis in 2000 when the network landed former NBA star Charles Barkley, whose continued loyalty has enabled it to flourish. Ernie Johnson serves as the host and referee as analysts Barkley, Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Shaquille O'Neal debate sports, history, art and politics while reviewing the games at hand. It's both the NBA's longest-running coverage program, as well as TNT's most-tenured show. REAL SPORTS correspondent Bernard Goldberg goes behind the scenes with the all-star crew at TNT's Atlanta headquarters as the NBA playoffs approach.

Fair Fight?

Producer: Jake Rosenwasser

Correspondent: Mary Carillo

Since turning pro in mixed martial arts in 2012 and being outed by a reporter in 2013, Fallon Fox, 38, is now the most prominent transgender athlete in professional sports and a trailblazer for the transgender community. The reaction from the MMA community has largely been hostile, with many fans and fighters opposing her participation in the women's divisions because they believe her male attributes provide an unfair advantage. Despite the scrutiny, Fox continues to fight. In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated segment, correspondent Mary Carillo goes one-on-one with Fox to learn about her struggles for acceptance and legitimacy in a sport where many still view her as a man.

Unnatural Selection

Producer: Jason Samuels

Correspondent: Soledad O'Brien

The Westminster Dog Show is one of the country's oldest sporting events, and certainly the most adorable, but more than 20,000 dog shows are held nationwide each year. While the sport's growth is a boon for fervent dog lovers, it may not be as rewarding to some of the dogs themselves. During competition, animals are judged on how closely they represent the "breed standard," and some critics say this leads to the questionable breeding of dogs for beauty over health. Soledad O'Brien leads this REAL SPORTS examination of the world of competitive dog shows and the sport's repercussions on dog health, in and outside the show ring.

Team Hoyt

Producers: Nisreen Habbal | Joe Perskie

Correspondent: Mary Carillo

Introduced to REAL SPORTS viewers in Mary Carillo's Sports Emmy®-winning 2005 segment, New Englanders Dick Hoyt and his son Rick have given new meaning to the term "family bond." Rick was born in 1962 after a complicated labor in which a coiled umbilical cord cut off oxygen to his brain. Rejecting doctors' recommendations to institutionalize him, the Hoyts were committed to raising their son as normally as possible, believing Rick had a healthy mind despite his physical handicaps. With the help of Tufts University, which developed cutting-edge technology allowing Rick to communicate through head movements, the Hoyts discovered he was a natural sports fan. In 1977, Dick pushed his son's wheelchair through a five-mile benefit run and found the race gave Rick the miraculous feeling of being able-bodied. Dick subsequently dedicated his life to giving his son that experience as often as possible, and the two have been regulars at road races and triathlons ever since.

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