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202: January 21, 2014

Marijuana Use in Pro-Sports: Keep it Banned, Say More than Six in Ten

Jan 21, 2014

According to an HBO Real Sports/Marist poll, more than 6 out of 10 sports fans think marijuana should still be banned in professional sports, despite laws legalizing its use. Sixty-two percent of adults nationally believe the ban should stay in place, while 36% of Americans think the marijuana ban should be lifted, and 2% are unsure. Similar proportions of sports fans share these views.

Table: Should Marijuana Continue to be a Banned Substance, Regardless of Federal or State Laws?

When asked if marijuana use by professional athletes to relieve pain and anxiety trump its negative effects on performance, nearly two-thirds of Americans -- 64% -- say professional athletes should not be allowed to use the drug because of the negative effects it has on their game. Thirty-four percent, however, believe they should be permitted to use the drug for medicinal purposes, and 3% are unsure. The views of sports fans are in line with the overall population.

Table: Should Marijuana Use in Pro-sports be Allowed to Relieve Pain and Anxiety?

Additionally, Americans under thirty -- 55% -- are more likely to say athletes should be allowed to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. This compares with just 39% of residents 30 to 44 years old, 30% of those 45 to 59, and 23% of Americans 60 and older.

How the Survey was Conducted

Demographic Breakdown

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