Chivas USA

Producer: Chapman Downes

Correspondent: Soledad O'Brien

In 2012, Mexican billionaire Jorge Vergara, owner of the storied Mexican soccer franchise Chivas de Guadalajara, sought to expand his empire by assuming sole ownership of the Los Angeles-based Major League Soccer club Chivas USA. What followed has sparked the ire of many critics, media and even employees, because the personnel changes he ordered were allegedly intended to benefit only those of Mexican heritage. In this REAL SPORTS report, Soledad O'Brien investigates the charges and speaks with former coaches and players who claim the team pushed them out because they are neither Mexican nor of Mexican descent.

Kelly Slater

Producer: Tim Walker

Correspondent: Jon Frankel

An 11-time Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour champion, Kelly Slater is arguably the greatest surfer ever. Having won at age 20 in 1992, and at age 39 in 2011, he's both the youngest and oldest to hold the title. Now 41, Slater is as much a marvel away from the waves as he is riding them. He has dated supermodel Gisele Bundchen, starred in the hit TV show "Baywatch" and jammed with rock stars like close friend Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. While the fast life of surfing has claimed some close friends, Slater has struck a balance between good times and athletic discipline that has enabled him to remain in the spotlight. Meanwhile, he continues to push the limits with every wave, risking life and limb in the process. In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated collaboration, correspondent Jon Frankel hits the sandy beaches of Slater's hometown, Cocoa Beach, Fla., for an inside look at the life of the world's most accomplished surfer.

Bob Hewitt

Producers: Beret Remak | Joe Perskie

Correspondent: Mary Carillo

Every day the care and instruction of children are entrusted to athletic coaches, but sometimes that trust is painfully compromised. In 2011, the Boston Globe conducted a six-month investigation that disclosed allegations of sexual abuse by several adult women against Tennis Hall of Famer Bob Hewitt, who won all four Grand Slam titles in both doubles and mixed doubles in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The allegations, which reach back four decades to his playing days, contend that the South African harassed and sexually abused female players as young as 12 years old. When REAL SPORTS first explored the case in Nov. 2011, no formal charges had been filed against Hewitt and he was still a member of International Tennis Hall of Fame. But after the story aired, the Hall of Fame suspended the 73-year-old indefinitely and Hewitt was officially brought up on charges of rape and indecent assault in a South African court last month. REAL SPORTS correspondent Mary Carillo, whose own professional tennis career overlapped with Hewitt's, reconnects with accusers who say they can finally begin the healing process after decades of emotional anguish.

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