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More Best of 2012

In the year-end episode of Real Sports, the correspondents take a look back at memorable stories they covered in 2012 over a roundtable discussion. But there's still more. Below are clips and web extras from some of the other thought-provoking stories from the year in Real Sports.

The KHL Plane Crash

Before tragedy struck, a team in the Russian hockey league was a source of pride.




Ep. 179 KHL plane crash

Leigh Steinberg Acknowledges His Demons

Once the most powerful sports agent in the game, Leigh Steinberg battles with the havoc alcoholism has wreaked on his life.



179 Leigh Steinberg

A High School Girls Volleyball Team Rallies Back from Tragedy

After losing their captain and friend Caroline Found, the Iowa City West High School team came together to overcome their grief.




The Zen-Master at Rest

Legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson discusses his life after basketball.





Henrik Lunqvist on His Pre-Game Rituals

The other Rangers players know better than to approach their star goalie before game-time.



Ep. 180 Lundqvist extra

Jon Gruden Looks Inward

The former NFL coach and current broadcaster hasn't slowed down at all.





The Van Gundy Brothers

The outspoken former NBA coaches discuss the athletic ability--or lack thereof--of their youth.




Ep. 178 Van Gundys

Magic Johnson on His Purchase of the Dodgers

The basketball star-turned businessman recalls how he learned the value of a dollar.


Posted 12:00 AM | Dec 16, 2012

189: December 18, 2012

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