The Rise of the Rebuilt Mariner

In the fall of 2010, six-year minor-league veteran Stevie Delabar was recovering from a harrowing elbow injury and contemplating his future in the sport to which he'd devoted his life. He made the difficult decision to give up his dream of playing baseball for a living and decided to get a job as a substitute teacher and assistant baseball coach at a local high school.

Still, he kept up on the latest training methods, and began a new strengthening program that was just introduced at a local baseball facility. He noticed his strength returning to-then surpassing-where it used to be. "I initially tested at 89," Delabar says, referring to the MPH on his fastball. "The second test was a consistent 93. I'd never been a consistent 93 ever... Then my arm starts to get a little stronger, starts to get a little quicker.  And now I retest again four weeks later and numbers skyrocket, 95, 96.

Delabar showed off his newfound stuff to a scout from a major league team, the Seattle Mariners. Liking what they saw, the Mariners sent him on a journey through their farm system that culminated with a shutout inning and a win against the New York Yankees.

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