Producer: Lisa Bennett

Over the last 15 years, the Van Gundy brothers, Stan and Jeff, have made quite a name for themselves in the NBA.  Having found limited success as players, they followed their father, who coached college basketball teams, into the family business of patrolling the sidelines.  Stan, 52, is currently head coach of the Orlando Magic and previously served as head coach of the Miami Heat.  Jeff, who turns 50 Jan. 19, led the New York Knicks and then the Houston Rockets for years before becoming one of the game's top broadcasters.  In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated collaboration, correspondent Bernie Goldberg sits down with the brothers to discuss their remarkable ascent to the top of the game.

Toradol in the NFL

Producer: Chapman Downes

The Real Sports investigative team looks at the largely unknown practice of NFL players being administered the controversial pain drug Toradol.   For years, NFL players in every locker room across the league have lined up to get a shot of Toradol before kickoff because it is the most effective remedy to mask pain throughout the entire body unlike local numbing agents such as Novocaine.  Toradol is not a narcotic, is perfectly legal and provided by team doctors.  Also, it is not physically addictive and does not affect your mental state, but the long-term effects are something that have recently become a hot topic of debate.  When abused, Toradol has shown to cause permanent damage to internal organs, including stomach bleeding, liver disease and kidney failure.  REAL SPORTS correspondent Andrea Kremer speaks with current and former players, doctors and the NFL about the issue of the use of Toradol.

Between the Numbers

Producer: Nick Dolin

Kevin Kelley, head football coach at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Ark., uses his own research to back up the mantra that his team should never punt, should always kick onside kicks after a score and should never return punts.  If this sounds too unorthodox to be effective, Kelley's theories have resulted in a 104-19 record since he became head coach at the high school, and statisticians have supported his theory on the relative value of punting.  REAL SPORTS correspondent Jon Frankel visits the 42-year-old Kelley in Little Rock as his team prepares to seek its third state title under his leadership.

Barret Robbins

Producers: Zehra Mamdani, Chapman Downes

On Jan. 26, 2003, one of the strangest Super Bowl controversies ever unfolded when Barret Robbins, Pro Bowl center for the Oakland Raiders, went AWOL, leaving no trace of his whereabouts two days before the biggest game of his career.  For the Raiders, Robbins' disappearance was a major distraction, but for Robbins, the episode was the beginning of a dark and tragic story that would include a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, substance abuse, numerous stints in rehab and multiple run-ins with the law.  In 2009, six years after the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII, the Houston native sat down with HBO's Andrea Kremer to reflect on his troubles.  Now, Kremer leads REAL SPORTS cameras into the Florida State Prison where the 38-year-old former NFL star has been incarcerated on drug charges after another encounter with the law.

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