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Head Games

In an expanded segment, Real Sports revisits its EmmyŽ- winning investigation into concussions in the NFL. Violent collisions have grabbed front-page headlines throughout the 2009 season and everyone, including the NFL, finally agrees that concussions can lead to mental health problems. After years of reluctance to engage the issue publicly, the NFL has made concussion evaluation and treatment a top priority under Roger Goodells leadership. But many now wonder if routine hits  the kind football players experience on virtually every play  can also lead to problems like memory loss, depression and even dementia. Three years after his original investigation into the lasting effects of head injuries suffered by NFL players, correspondent Bernard Goldberg looks at this new issue facing professional football.

Brian Westbrook led off football field

Blue Star Fallen

Last May, during a routine rookie mini-camp session, the Dallas Cowboys indoor practice facility in Irving, Tex. collapsed, leaving special teams coach Joe DeCamillis and scouting assistant Rich Behm with severe spinal cord injuries. Was it turbulent weather that brought the facility down, or poor engineering? In this Real Sports/Sports Illustrated report, correspondent Frank Deford revisits the catastrophe, exploring the evidence and presenting the first accounts of survivors DeCamillis and Behm.

Ken Green

After miraculously surviving an R.V. accident that took the lives of his girlfriend, brother and dog in June 2009, former Ryder Cup player and five-time PGA tour winner Ken Green was not about to give up the only passion he had left. Informed that the damage sustained by his lower right leg in the accident would never allow him to play golf competitively again, the 51-year-old West Palm Beach, Fla. resident told doctors to do the unthinkable: amputate. Now, seven months removed from the crash that cost him his three best friends and part of his leg, Ken Green visits with host Bryant Gumbel as he fights his way back to the Champions Tour.

154: January 19, 2010