2009 Roundtable

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel

Departing from the show's regular format, host Bryant Gumbel leads correspondents Mary Carillo, Frank Deford, Jon Frankel, Bernard Goldberg and Andrea Kremer in a spirited roundtable discussion of 2009, touching on everything from favorite stories of the year to the interviews and pieces that had the greatest impact on them.

Among the topics covered are: Nick Schuyler's gripping story of survival after three of his friends were lost in the waters off Tampa Bay; the controversial police shooting of minor league baseball player Robbie Tolan outside his Bellaire, Tex. home; the wild world of professional bull riding; and the proliferation of NFL players carrying guns. Individuals profiled on Real Sports this year who will be discussed include: Bode Miller, Brandon Jennings, Freddie Roach, Ann Wolfe, DeMaurice Smith and Kyle Lograsso.

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