Drawing a Line

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel
Producer: Andrew Bennett

It's no secret that alcohol consumption and football often go hand-in-hand - having a few beers at a tailgate party or during the game is a tradition for many fans. In recent years, however, a series of highly publicized alcohol-related incidents suggests that drinking has gone too far at NFL stadiums. As reports of drunk driving, fighting and other forms of inappropriate behavior continue, Real Sports host Bryant Gumbel takes an in-depth look at alcohol consumption at NFL games and examines what's being done to slow this disturbing trend.

Risky Business

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg
Producer: Chapman Downes

Since NFL star running back Reggie Bush left college two years ago, allegations about his acceptance of illegal benefits at USC have continued to haunt him. Bush has consistently denied wrongdoing, but convicted felon Lloyd Lake claims he has the evidence to authenticate the charges that threaten Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy and USC's 2004 National Championship. Real Sports correspondent Bernard Goldberg investigates this intriguing controversy.

Family Burden

Correspondent: Jon Frankel | Producer: Joe Perskie

Most people are well aware of the physical and mental problems faced by some NFL players after they leave the game, but wives also have to deal with the stress of life after football. Young women who once enjoyed the benefits of marriage to a pro athlete can suddenly find themselves in a terrible storm when their husbands' football days come to an end. In this Real Sports/Sports Illustrated collaboration, correspondent Jon Frankel takes an in-depth look at the "other side" of life as a pro football wife.

The Streaker

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg
Producer: Ezra Edelman, Mike Sullivan

If you've ever seen Mark Roberts, chances are you've seen a whole lot of him. Roberts, 43, of Liverpool, England, is famous for crashing high-profile sporting events...naked. By his own account, he's streaked at close to 400 affairs, including last year's first-ever NFL regular season game outside of North America. Real Sports correspondent Bernard Goldberg revisits the story of Mark Roberts and his unique impact on the world of sports.

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