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Glamour Lessons: A Guide to Sylvias Style

Sylvia in brown dress and matching headband

Rebecca Hall learned a lot about glamour in preparing for her role as Sylvia Tietjens. It was imperative that we went for flowing red hair and tight-fitting outfits and a different outfit in every possible scene. She has such confidence that she will be the most looked at and the most glamorous person in the room without lifting a finger. She doesn't need to put any effort into anything she does, and that was the first base in characterization  to just slow down my inner clock, make the voice lower, stronger, posher. You don't need to rush anything.

Sylvia standing with Christopher in long blue gown

Sylvia in coat with big fur collar

Sylvia in bedroom in lace top

Sylvia outside in long green embroidered gown

Sylvia in white satin gown and feather hat

Sylvia with Christopher in black formal suit

Sylvia in long white satin embroidered gown

Mrs. Satterthwaite and Sylvia in summer dresses

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