Zahir Arif

played by Granville Adams

Character Bio

Season 6

Arif is elected to lead the Muslims early on but his happiness is interrupted when Said is killed. Arif now has to face grieving for his leader and managing the publishing of Augustus Hill's book. The Muslims decide to self publish the book and employ some of the Oz inmates in the process. It's a grand idea that yields the book. However, keeping it going proved to be more difficult and with no profits coming in and the production equipment failing, it got worse. One day he comes to work and finds the publishing equipment destroyed. Redding later reveals that he was the culprit and that Arif shouldn't worry because they got an insurance settlement in the deal. Arif takes the money but his conscience gets the better of him and he goes to admit the wrongdoing to McManus. Once the Muslims find out, they banish Arif from their group leaving him alone to ponder his future.

Season 5

Arif's wife was killed on the bus filled with other inmate family members. He grieved for her death but still found comfort in Said's leadership and rejoiced when Said gets released from solitary. Schillinger and Robson, still have revenge on their minds and do everything they can to rouse Said's ire. Arif does want to fight but Said convinces him to do otherwise. When inmate Ahmad Lalar is tortured and killed by Robson, Arif goes with Said to demand an investigation by the Warden. Later, Arif's questions arise again as Said raises important issues against some of Islam's religous practices against Africans.

Season 4 Part 2

Confesses to Said that he witnessed O'Reily kill Keenan. They in turn report this to Glynn who says he needs witnesses. O'Reily hears about this and devises his own plan to get blame shifted from him to another inmate. This in turn makes Arif's information suspect to Warden Glynn, who halts the investigation. Arif also goes to Said in support of Leroy Tidd's joining the Muslims. Arif then finds himself trying to comfort Said after Tidd is stabbed protecting Said. While in the library, Schillinger and Robson taunt Beecher. Said takes up Beecher's defense and beats Schillinger to a pulp. Arif also takes part in the fight in defense of Said however, he now becomes marked for revenge by Schillinger and Robson.

Season 4 Part 1

After the death of Hamid Khan, Arif assumes power among the Muslims. But with this power comes much responsibility, which Arif - deep down - was really unsure about. He aligns himself with Adebisi, who is preparing his own plan to take control of Oz. To make matters worse, new inmate Supreme Allah, arrives with his own ideas about what the Muslims should be doing in Oz. Supreme's message strikes a chord in the other Muslims and Arif struggles to maintain control. When new CO Querns initiates an Em City council, Arif confronts Querns about why Supreme was chosen over him. Confused and angry, Arif goes to Adebisi to ask him to eliminate Supreme only Adebisi goes to Supreme to divulge the plan. This embarasses Arif and he returns to Said for guidance and strength. On his way into the gym, Arif witnesses Ryan O'Reily killing Keenan. To make matters even worse, Arif becomes distraught after Adebisi gets killed at the hands of Said.

Season 3

The arrival of new Muslim Hamid Khan stirs conflict among the Muslims. Arif listens and often agrees with Khan but he's torn by his loyalty to Said. During a meal, Arif witnesses Schillinger accusing Said of "fraternizing" with Tricia Ross (who's white) and Arif's confusion grows. What's more, Poet delivers to the inmates a blistering poem dedicated to Said, blasting his "fraternizing" with Tricia Ross. This embarrasses Arif and he soon sides with Khan in ostracizing Said. Now that Khan's in a coma from a boxing blow to his head, the fate of the Muslim's leadership hangs in the balance

Season 2

Arif's been loyal to Said since Said arrived in Oz. When Said's offered a full pardon during their holy season, Arif is struck with jealousy, as he feels he's entitled to the pardon because he's been in Oz longer and has a family. When Said dramatically refuses the Governor's pardon at a press conference, Arif is relieved and jubilant that his leader and mentor will remain.

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