Warden Leo Glynn

played by Ernie Hudson

Character Bio

Season 6

Warden Glynn is besieged by a number of challenges. He first has to choose which inmates to release from solitary back into Oz due to overcrowding. Then, inmates that stayed in Solitary begin to get sick from a mystery illness possibly caused by fumes in the airducts. When Dr. Nathan confronts Glynn, he decides to hold a press conference about the air ducts. After an autopsy report reveals the sick inmate did not die from this supposed poisoned air, Glynn is furious. When city polician is killed in Oz, Glynn initiates an investigation into the murder. As the investigation starts yeilding results, Glynn lets Governor Devlin know that he'll get to the bottom soon. On the night of the "Warden of the Year" banquet, Glynn is visited in his office by someone who stabs him. Glynn's bleeding but manages to stumble to the event and falls to his death in front of his horrified staff and guests.

Season 5

Warden Glynn's on hand to welcome the Governor, the media and others to a newly constructed Oz. Later, while inmates excitedly await family visitors Glynn arrives to announce the death of some of visitors from a bus accident. Switching gears, Glynn approves Oz inmates participating as trainers in a Seeing Eye Dog program. He also gives Burr Redding permission to take over kitchen duties once Pancamo and Schibetta get moved out. After inmate Lalar is tortured and killed by Robson, Said and Arif demand an investigation to get Robson convicted. Glynn's attempt to get to the bottom of how Rev. Cloutier,(who was severly burned in the blast) was buried alive in the cafeteria wall reveals more treachery. Turns out, this was just one in a series of events that lead to Timmy Kirk as the culprit. After receiving information from another inmate, Glynn convinces Hoyt to get another biker to confirm Timmy Kirk's participation in these events. Glynn has the all he needs and sends Kirk to solitary. When Sister Pete gives Glynn solid proof of Schillinger's habit of rape, violence and intimidation, he immediately orders a hearing. The result? Schillinger's accused of complicity in the death of Guenzel and is thrown into solitary.

Season 4 Part 2

A television crew's visit to report on Oz, backfires... something Glynn predicted all along. Soon, the feds place Asian refugees in Oz. At the warden's conference, Querns tells Glynn that Clayton Hughes isn't doing well at Lardner. Glynn soon has Hughes transferred to Oz's protective custody unit so he can keep an eye on him but he soon realizes that Clayton could be too far gone mentally. After Clayton Hughes kills Detective Basil (Mobay) Clayton's moved to solitary but matters escalate. Hughes overpowers a guard and claims solitary for his own. Glynn gets in and Clayton begs him for a hug. In doing so, Clayton moves to stab Glynn only another inmate intercedes and Clayton ends up getting stabbed himself. Glynn also has to deal with dissention within the prison administrators about the experimental drug project. After inmate Wick dies from the drug and his family initiates a lawsuit, Glynn has to deal with the prospect of Dr. Nathan losing her job and the bad press.

Season 4 Part 1

The warden was approached to run for Lieutenant Governor, which was surprising since he and the Gov. don't get along well. After Tarrant's shooting rampage, Glynn starts an investigation of how the gun got in. Hernandez tells Glynn that Adebisi got the gun from Hughes and gave the gun to Tarrant. Glynn later has Hughes arrested and Adebisi thrown in the hole. Leo also fires McManus for his idiotic behavior at the slain CO's service. Next, undercover detective John Basil (Desmond Mobay) arrives and they map out their strategy for Basil to infiltrate the drug trade. Glynn hires him to work in his office but things don't work out well when Basil succumbs to drug addiction and kills another inmate. When Basil comes to Glynn and confesses his crime, Glynn gets depressed as now another undercover operation's been shattered. To make matters even worse, Busmalis and Alvarez escape.

Season 3

The past returns to haunt Leo in the form of Clayton Hughes, the son of Leo's former partner when they were prison guards at Oz. Clayton arrives seeking a job as a guard in Oz feeling that Leo owes him since his father was killed in Oz during the time Leo was there. Reluctantly, Glynn hires him and Clayton soon starts hounding Leo to reveal his father's killer. After Clayton gets involved in too many screw ups, Glynn fires him, but not before revealing to how Clayton how his father died. After confronting McManus about the sexual harassment charges both Howell and Wangler bring against him, Glynn starts to wonder about McManus' pattern of behavior. McManus flips the script and accuses Glynn of not supporting him and favoring the black inmates. This creates deep resentment between the two.

Season 2

Fed up with taking orders from Schibetta, he convinces his brother to turn himself in for a crime the Schibetta family ordered him to perform. This gets him off the Schibetta "favor wagon." Leo then finds out his daughter was raped -- and to make matters worse, Miguel knew who did it but won't tell. An alleged inmate/Governor connection to drug addiction, two murders, and one escape attempt, also keep our favorite prison warden on his toes.

Season 1

Oz's warden always has his plate full. To start, new inmate Alvarez gets stabbed. Later, the governor's ban on conjugals and smoking riles the inmates. Glynn also has to constantly appease his staff of corrections officers and administrative staff without losing too much face. Then, celebrity inmates Kareem Said and basketball player Jackson Vahue make for more "special" considerations and possible problems.

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