Tim McManus

played by Terry Kinney

Character Bio

Season 6

To help he and possibly the Oz community cope with their problems, McManus creates a maze in the gym based on ancient yoga teachings. The point is for persons to walk into the maze with a problem and by the time the person exits the maze, a solution will have been created. McManus later discovers Augustus Hill's personal journal and presents it to the Muslims with the offer of support in their quest to get it published. Unfortunately, he also has to announce the death of Said at the hands of Idzik, to the Oz community. This he knows will devastate Omar White particularily since Idzik was moved to Oz once captured. McManus moves Idzik into Omar's pod in hopes the two of them could create and uneasy but working bond. The plan backfires as Idzik kills Omar. McManus later learns about Glynn's affair with Ellie O'Connor, McManus' ex-wife. This creates an uneasy dilemna when Glynn is killed and Ellie comes to McManus for comfort. More deaths mean more scrutiny and the death of Keller brings about an investigation led by new warden, Querns. When a mysterious substance is released into Oz, everyone's ordered to evacuate the facility. As they leave in buses, McManus contemplates whether or not his work was worth all the grief.

Season 5

Tim returns to the new Oz only old problems remain. He still continues to help Omar White's rehabilitation. Furthermore, he has Said's fragile mental state to contend with as Said informs McManus that he plans to plead guilty in the attempted murder of Robson and Schillinger. He assigns Said to be Omar White's mentor with the rule: if Said reports any bad behavior to McManus, Omar gets thrown back in solitary permanently. McManus figures this will keep these two volatile inmates occupied. Tim further encourages Omar's progress by allowing him to use a closet for his singing practice. Meanwhile, Tim arranges to have the Seeing Eye Dog Training program come to Oz just as the Governor announces a new liaison who will begin working at Oz. Adding to the pressure is that the liaison is Tim's former wife. When Hill gets admitted to the infirmary, Dr. Nathan tells McManus that Hill's system was full of heroin. This enrages McManus and he immediately goes to Burr Redding for answers. When Burr claims he didn't know, McManus orders Burr to turn the culprit over to him. Tim's guilt over Officer Brass' injury starts to get the best of him until Murphy tells him that it's not his fault. Later Tim hears the yells of the inmates and the alarm buzzer and races down the stairs. He's shocked to find Hill, lying on the floor bloodied from stab wounds. As Tim yells for a doctor and looks on helplessly, Hill whispers to him, "I can feel my legs".

Season 4 Part 2

Problem inmate Omar White stabs McManus in an effort to gain the respect of the other inmates. McManus returns from the hospital and tells Redding and Morales to declare a truce between their crews. Even though White stabbed him, McManus is committed to helping White change his ways. Unfortunately, White reverts back to using drugs and McManus orders a shakedown. He meets with White and tells him to go to counseling or get thrown in the hole. McManus gets a basketball scout to come and watch Brass, the basketball-gifted guard play. When the inmates find out about this, they have Brass attacked so that he can't play. Thinking he'll do well, McManus appears on a tv game show and loses in the first round. Meanwhile, inmate White goes back (again!) to solitary for starting a fight with other inmates. When McManus confronts him about this, White goes into a rage and brutally stomps McManus.

Season 4 Part 1

Poor Tim, it was rough going for him. First, the inmate Tarrant's shooting spree causes the deaths of Wangler, Pierce and a CO. Then, after deciding to make up with Wittlesey, he discovers that she got married and now lives happily in England. Obviously in distress and now drinking heavily, McManus attends the slain CO's wake and makes a complete idiot of himself. Glynn ends up firing him from Em City and McManus gets moved to Unit B. While there he continues to try and get Glynn to see that the new Em City administrator (Querns) is letting thing get too crazy - trash everywhere, increased drug traffic, and more white inmates getting transferred out. Said approaches McManus with a plan to get changes made in Em City. Said eventually turns over damaging taped evidence of Querns' mishandling to McManus. McManus is reinstated after Querns gets fired.

Season 3

Two charges of sexual harassment, one from Officer Howell, and the other from Wangler, have McManus hopping. On top of that, inmates witness a scuffle in McManus' office between he and Officer Howell. McManus goes on the offensive with Warden Glynn, and in front of a crowd of inmates and hospital staff, he accuses Glynn of favoring black inmates. Could the powers be shifting?

Season 2

Although he's instituted a new "representative" system in OZ, he's still smarting from the riot and the investigation that followed. Furthermore, his attempts to turn Wangler's life around through getting his GED backfires -- and just as his students are getting their GEDs, the governor cuts the prison GED budget altogether. McManus then fights his conscience when Wittlesey pleads for his silence about her killing Scott Ross. He knows he should talk but decides to keep quiet.

Season 1

The Em City experimental unit in Oz is McManus' project that is supposed to focus on rehabilitation. Of course, that doesn't always happen. Because this is Tim's project, he sometimes let's personal feelings cloud his judgement. He tries to intimidate the Governor but Tim's influence is not what he believes. Tim makes missteps when he gets involved with Dr. Nathan and then with Officer Wittlesey--a single mother trying to make ends meet. Tim has the respect and trust of other Oz staffers but he sometimes seems naïve in his approach.

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