Simon Adebisi

played by Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje

Character Bio

Season 4 Part 1

Continues his mission to get control of Oz by getting Glynn to replace McManus with a black man. While still running the drug trade he soon meets Mobay who wants to work for him. Adebisi immediately starts a series of tasks that will prove whether or not Mobay will be loyal. Meanwhile, Hernandez reveals to Glynn that Adebisi provided the gun Tarrant used in the shooting rampage. Glynn immediately puts Adebisi in the hole. Once out Adebisi continues to garner support from other black inmates to get a black man brought in as new administrator. Soon Querns (a black man) is hired and Adebisi makes a pact with him -- the drug trade can continue as long as there's no violence in Oz. For a while it works, but soon things begin crumbling. More white inmates get transferred to Unit B with black inmates replacing them in Oz. Querns creates an "inmate advisory board" and fills it with Adebisi sympathizers. Adebisi's behavior becomes more twisted as starts throwing drug parties in his pod, has open sex with inmates and videotapes the exploits. Said goes to McManus with a plan to get close to Adebisi and discover the tapes. The plan works and the tapes are turned over to Glynn who immediately fires Querns, puts McManus back in and orders Adebisi's transfer to Unit B. Furious, Adebisi confronts Said with a knife, calling him a traitor. They struggle in the pod and soon Adebisi appears from the pod, bloodied and falls to the floor dead.

Season 3

Fresh from a psych ward recovery, Simon returns to Em City. He soon requests and gets switched to the AIDS ward. Once there, he embarks on a vicious plan of revenge. He draws blood from a patient's arm and proceeds to stick Nappa with this needle (ick!), hoping to infect him. But that's just the beginning! Adebisi burns Poet and Pierce by pouring hot soup on them. After moving back to Wangler's pod, Said coerces Wangler into accusing McManus of sexual misconduct. Adebisi then thickens the plot by polarizing the black inmates to rise up against the whites in Oz. On New Year's Eve, Adebisi receives a "going away" gift from Officer Hughes . . . a pistol conveniently hidden under Adebisi's pillow.

Season 2

Adebisi experiences a harrowing drug withdrawalbrought on by the riot. Once Em City re-opens, he returns to "normalcy" fighting for the "tit" trade again. He winds up thwarting a murder attempt by Schibetta and Pancamo and delivers a brutal beat-down to Pancamo -- and a horrific raping of Schibetta, which puts Schibetta in shock and into the psych ward. When Jara, a Yoruba African healer comes to OZ; Adebisi initially rejects his attempts at conversation. Adebisi soon acknowledges his spiritual and cultural connection to the elder after he sees religious ceremonies in his subconcious. Adebisi begins protecting the elder and "softening" his demeanor, which angers Kenny. Angry and frustrated, Kenny kills Jara. Adebisi finds Jara dead on the kitchen floor; this pushes him over the emotional edge, causing his complete emotional breakdown.

Season 1

Adebisi sells drugs with Markstrom for the Italians. When Markstrom's found dead, Adebisi gets moved up by Nino Schibetta. He also forms a bond with Wangler in a twisted mentor relationship. After O'Reily's moved to take over the kitchen, Adebisi collaborates with O'Reily to take over the entire drug business by killing Nino Schibetta. Adebisi has one weakness though-- he not only sells but he also uses the product, very heavily. When the riot breaks out the drug supply dries up and Adebisi and the other addicts begin jonesing for fixes.

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